41 3D CAD Practice Exercises... Use This to learn CAD fast

41 CAD Exercises ready, all dimension included

This eBook contains 41 3D-exercises and over 81 2D-exercises. These exercises are designed to help you easily gauge your improvement while learning how to use any CAD software. This eBook was primarily designed for AutoCAD and Autodesk 123D-design users, but can be used for any CAD software.

"exercises that not only challenge you but leave you satisfied after completion"

This is for you if...

  • You are a CAD learner struggling to find a guide that will help you challenge your skills hands down
  • You are a CAD hobbyist looking to start creating for 3D printing purposes
  • You are an instructor looking for great CAD exercises for your students

Sample Exercises

Sample 1

Sample 2

Bonus: All CAD files included 

You will be handed all the CAD files as a Bonus, Which you can open, edit and play with as you like.

Glad to have come across your materials a few weeks ago

"This is my 1st year teaching AutoCAD, and this eBook has been more than helpful. Glad to have come across your materials a few weeks ago."

Jane K.

Focus on learning

More than 50 2D additional annotated images you might need to replicate first.

The eBook provides easy to interpret images for you to solely focus on creating.

Take advantage of the CAD files. Use them to build cool 3D printable object.


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