Arduino Yun: Integrating or Juxtaposing Arduino with Linux

As the world slowly but surely moves towards the age of IoT—internet of things—having some access to the cloud, its storage infrastructures, as well as the multiple services vendors currently provide, is key for tech hardware. This is due to the fact that most designers/developers are now interested in making their projects smart as well as have the ability to connect with other devices, services or platforms in its respective niche.

Recognizing the need for interconnectivity and access to the cloud, Arduino took the important step of developing a microcontroller that gives developers a wide range of opportunities to achieve much more than you ever could. This microcontroller is the Arduino Yun. Yun which means ‘cloud’ in Chinese works integrates the use of Linux and a Wi-Fi system to give its users access to the cloud and more technical functionalities which eliminates the limitations most developers face when designing with the traditional microcontrollers on Arduino’s itinerary.

According to Massimo Banzi, Arduino’s CEO, ‘the Arduino Yún is the combination of a classic Arduino Leonardo (based on the Atmega32U4 processor) with a Wifi system-on-a-chip running Linino (a MIPS GNU/Linux based on OpenWRT). It’s based on the ATMega32u4 microcontroller and on the Atheros AR9331, a system on a chip running Linino, a customized version of OpenWRT, the most used Linux distribution for embedded devices’.

Arduino Yun’s Features

The Yun combines 14 digital pins which can serve as input and output options. These pins can further be categorized as; having 7 which can serve as PWM outputs and 12 as analog input pins. As stated earlier, it is also Wi-Fi capable, integrates a 16 MHz crystal oscillator, a micro USB connector and a Micro-SD card plug for more storage space.

Once the Yun is turned on, it automatically becomes an access point which you can then open your browser, configure the Arduino network that shows and you are ready to link with Linux, access programs and commence your work. The Wi-Fi capabilities also give you the option of accessing Arduino Create which allows you tinker with programming and other facets of the Arduino ecosystem via Google’s Play store.

Working with Arduino Yun

The Yun as it stands is a great avenue for creativity due to the computing options it gives to developers. As it currently stands, it has gone a long way in helping the robotics community develop smarter robots with the ability to accomplish much more. As for the IoT community, the Arduino Yun can be used to develop devices that can be connected to the cloud as well as other workstations.

Therefore, designing home monitoring systems, personal devices that provide feedback, smart LED lights and other projects you have previously dreamed off is something the Yun helps you accomplish.

Have you used the Arduino Yun to create something unique which you don’t mind sharing with us? If yes, we are definitely open to learning more about your project.


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