AutoCAD tutorial 13: Mirror and Rotate in AutoCAD

Here comes MIRROR and ROTATE, two important command in AutoCAD. These command will be a lot useful to you and will constantly help you to get stuff done the right way.



This command will help create a mirrored copy of a selected object.


On the example below I have used the vertical line to illustrate the mirror line.

To use the MIRROR command in AutoCAD

  1. Select objects
  2. Click on the MIRROR icon
  3. Specify the first point of mirror line
  4. Specify the second point of mirror line
  5. Hit Enter

The first point and second point of the mirror line can be the bottom end and the lower end of the line or Vice Versa.

ROTATE an object in AutoCAD


The ROTATE command will simply help rotate object.

You need to recall the AutoCAD tutorial where we learned how to draw lines and angles, it will be important to remember the idea of angle in AutoCAD and the trigonometric circle.


On the image above you can see how the trapezoidal object has been rotated with 120 degrees.

To rotate an object in AutoCAD

  1. Select the object to rotate
  2. Click on the ROTATE icon
  3. Specify the base point
  4. Specify the rotation angle (positive angle for anticlockwise rotation and negative angle for clockwise rotation) and Hit Enter

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