The basics

Write a function that find the volume of a 3D rectangle in Matlab
Scalar functions in Matlab: e Matlab, Cosine function and more
Left division vs Right Matrix division – Matlab
Convert numbers from Polar to Cartesian and vice versa


Plotting in Matlab – The Basics
Graph the equation by plotting points
Plotting equations using EZPLOT – Matlab
EZPLOT vs PLOT in Matlab
Conditional plotting in Matlab
Matlab plot colors and Styles


Matlab solves system of equations
Solving polynomial equations using Matlab
Derivative in Matlab
Matlab Polynomial: Division and Multiplication
Solve equations with unknown coefficients with Matlab


For loop in Matlab


Matlab Matrix Operations
Write a Matlab function that rotate a Matrix by 90 degrees
Matrix multiplication – Matlab
Matlab tricks: Creating an “array”, modifying matrix elements
Sort a matrix in Matlab
Vectors in Matlab: Basic Operations

Numerical method

Newton Raphson method Matlab
Euler method Matlab code


Matlab Exercises
Matlab Matrix Operations – Exercise