Solidworks tutorial: Convert entities

By converting entities in Solidworks, you can easily create one or more curves in the sketch by projecting an edge, loop, face, curve, external contour, set of edges onto the sketch plane.

Solidworks convert entities

Let’s use the example below to help assimilate what we are trying to put forward here.

Step 1

First Create a New Part.

Step 2

Second, Select the Front Plane and Select Sketch

Step 3

Create the following image using the Line and Smart Dimension.

Step 4

Select Extruded Boss/Base and give 100 mm of thickness with the direction set to Mid Plane and click on Okay.

Step 5

Now create a new sketch on the highlighted surface.

Step 6

Select Convert Entities from the toolbar, select the highlighted lines and click on Okay.

With this command, you can create one or more curves in a sketch by projecting an edge.

Step 7

Choose Extruded Boss/Base, give 50 mm of thickness, activate the draft, give 20 degrees of angle and click on Okay.

Here we have it! Converting entities can be really useful to get jobs done with less hassle when you are working on complicated projects. Now that you know how to enjoy the benefit of this trick, do not forget to remember it when you will need it while working on complex projects. This command basically helps you repurpose the surface of a drawn object to create a new one.


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