Solidworks tutorial: Cosmetic thread

In this tutorial, we are going to learn in few steps how to easily use Solidworks to create a cosmetic thread.

Let’s quick dive into the tutorial.

Solidworks cosmetic thread

Step 1

Our usual first steps remain.

Step 2

As you must have learned from previous tutorials, we must select the plane we want to create a sketch on: The Front Plane.

Step 3

Create a polygon with its origin at the origin of the sketch and click on smart dimension and give 34 mm for its diameter.

The Polygon should have 5 sides and it has to be inscribed in a circle and you can see on the picture below.

Step 4

Select Extruded Boss/Base,  give 14 mm of thickness and click on okay.

Step 5

Create a new sketch on the Extrude-Boss surface. Draw a Circle using the origin of the sketch as the origin of the circle, click on Smart Dimension and give 22 mm for its diameter.

Step 6

Choose Extruded Boss/Base, give 100 mm of thickness and click on Okay.

Step 7

Create a new sketch on the Right Plane. Select 3 Points Center Rectangle, use Smart Dimension and enter the same dimensions as shown on the picture below.

Step 8

Click on Revolved Cut (we need an Axes for this command) and activate axes.

To activate the axis, Click on Temporary Axes. You probably won’t see the axis unless you ZOOM.  Now, use the temporary axes as the axes of revolution.

Step 9

Now, we are going to create a chamfer on the down edge of the piece with the following dimension: (Distance: 2mm, Angle: 45)

Insert >> Features >> Chamfer

Step 10

Now, to apply cosmetic thread, we need to, First go to Insert >> Annotations >> cosmetic thread. You can select

You can select different standards for your threads such as ISO, ANSI Inch, DIN, BSI and more. Keep the Standard field on None and give 19.797 mm to minor diameter and 40 mm to depth.

Step 11

Solidworks will not show graphic views of threads. In order to activate the graphic view of threads, do the following: Tools >> Object >> Documents Properties >> Detailing >> then activate Shaded cosmetic thread.

With hope we kept as simple as we could, we wish you a good time playing with these tools.


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