Solidworks tutorial: Solidworks equation

If you just came across the two words Solidworks and equation put together, it might sound a little strange. Let’s use this post to look deeper into how to use equations in Solidworks.

In Solidworks, Equation Creates mathematical relations between model dimensions or other model properties. They use dimension or property names as variables

Let’s take a look at how we can use equation tool in SolidWorks.

Solidworks equation

Step 1

First Create a New Part

Solidworks equation

Step 2

Click on the Top plane and create a sketch

Solidworks equation

Step 3

Make a Circle with the origin of the circle at the origin of the sketch.

Step 4

Now, use Smart Dimension and give 120 mm to the circle but do not click on okay.

Step 5

Remove figure and write =”A1”, click on Global Variable and click on okay. You can write

You can write a different name. As you can see, the equation sign appears next to the dimension.

Step 6

Now click on Extrude and give 10 mm of thickness to circle.

Step 7

Create another circle with the origin of the circle at the origin of the sketch.

Step 8

The second circle dimension is one-quarter of first. To do this as an equation write =”A1”/4. As you know we have A1 as a dimension of the first circle. So, after this by changing the dimension of the first circle the second circle dimension will change automatically.

Step 9

Use extrude to create a hole.

And you have it!

Hope this has been explicit enough for you to stop looking this SolidWorks feature as a hard one to take advantage of. Know that this can be used to include a lot more complex mathematical functions, File properties and much more.


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