TIPEYE 3D Printing Pen Kit Review

Whether you’ve always wanted to check out the way a 3D pen operates, looking for a gift, or planning to do some 3D projects, buying a quality 3D printing pen is a must. Since the 3D pen market is becoming bigger and bigger every month, the variety of products might seem overwhelming.

Today, we are reviewing the TIPEYE 3D Printing Pen, which, at first glance, seems to be a good solution for a variety of purposes, be it doodling with a child or creating more serious art. Below we are offering the most important features of the pen as well as the pros and cons to help you make a decision when buying a 3D printing pen.

What’s In The Box?

When we received the box, the first thing we wanted to do was to start drawing as soon as possible. However, we strongly recommend that you slow down and take a serious approach to unboxing, reading the instructions, hooking up, and then using the pen. Even though some people believe that this is a toy, it’s actually a professional 3D pen, which requires serious handling.

So, what’s in the box?

  • 3D printing pen
  • Power adapter (5V/2A)
  • USB Cable
  • Manual
  • Pen holder
  • PLA Filament (random color) – 24.6 feet

The box contains all you need to start working immediately. The instructions are straightforward, so when coupled with our unboxing video, it won’t take you more than 10 minutes to get to the fun part.

Important Warnings

If you’ve worked with a 3D pen before, you know that it’s not a simple kid’s toy and some safety precautions must be taken. The nozzle heats up to 230°F and can cause unpleasant burns. You have to make sure you don’t touch the nozzle when the pen is working.

Ideally, the pen should only be used with this manufacturer’s filament. If you try other filaments, they will most likely do the same job but you might experience some glitches, which may lead to the pen’s breakdown. Remember, the warranty doesn’t apply if you use another manufacturer’s filament.

Don’t put the pen under running water since it’s not waterproof. Just wipe it clean if needed. We’ve been using the pen for over a week and didn’t feel as if it needs any cleaning. If some of the filament gets on the pen, you can easily remove it by hand.


This is a 4th generation 3D pen, which has a sleek design compared to the previous models of the TIPEYE 3D printing pens. We were pleasantly surprised by the appearance since it’s far from being bulky. You can readily call this device a pen since it truly resembles one. It’s easy to hold and use, even for a child.

The overall build of this pen is simple and straightforward. It has an easy to read OLED screen on the side. On top of the pen, you’ll find an opening for a power adapter and a filament feed hole. We didn’t appreciate this part of the design since the plugged in adapter seemed to somewhat interfere with the filament feeding. However, with time we got used to it.

The feed control and temperature select buttons on the side are made from soft and pleasant-to-the-touch materials. Overall, the pen is comfortable to use even for kids with small hands.

The power cable is 4 feet long. It’s sufficient for most projects, however, a longer cable would have been an advantage. The automatic filament feed makes working with the pen easier and reduces hand fatigue since you don’t have to continuously hold the feed button.

The pen comes with a pen stand, which is a useful feature if you are careful when using it. The lightweight plastic stand can easily tip over. Meanwhile, it protects the tip of the pen so you don’t accidentally touch it and burn your fingers.


While this is not one of the most expensive and professional 3D pens on the market, TIPEYE 3D Printing Pen can do some of the same variety of projects that a more expensive 3D pen does.Following are the main features of the TIPEYE 3D printing pen.

  1. Temperature Control

You can control the temperature (low, medium, or high) of the pen, depending on the filament you use. The melting point of the filament depends on the color and the brand. So it’s convenient to have a choice at which temperature to use the 3D printing pen.

At the same time, the 3D drawing at different temperatures produces different results. So we’d recommend that you try all of the temperature settings to see how the outcomes differ.

  1. Printing Speed

Depending on your needs and the complexity of your project, you might need different printing speeds. Simply clicking on the speed adjustment button allows you to choose the suitable speed for your requirements.

Amateurs and younger kids may want to start with a slow printing speed. The low-speed setting allows better precision.

  1. ABS and PLA filaments

The pen is compatible with ABS and PLA filaments. Both types are suitable for 3D drawing. However, the former is not environmentally friendly and shouldn’t be used by children. It also produces unpleasant odors. Meanwhile, the PLA filament is odor-free and great to be used for kids’ projects.

Depending on your needs, you can choose any of the filaments. The pen comes with a free PLA filament so you can immediately start working. Our pen came with a green PLA filament. However, after reading other reviews, we realized that they come in random colors, so yours may be red, yellow, blue, and so forth.

If you are satisfied with the pen, you’ll end up buying other filaments anyway. We went on to purchase all rainbow colors to create real masterpieces.

  1. Safety

One of the most important features of this pen is safety. None of the elements, except the nozzle, gets heated up. It means you can easily buy this pen for school-aged children. With the right approach, this pen is very safe to use.

Warranty & Price Tag

The pen comes with a 30-day return/replace warranty and a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. While the warranty is limited (you can find the details in the box), it’s pretty extensive, which means that the manufacturer is fully confident of the product’s quality. We always prefer to look for items with long warranties in order to use them without worrying about any unexpected glitches.

The pen comes with a moderate price tag. It costs about 3 or 4 times less than a 3D printer. The attractive price tag keeps this pen on par with high-tech toys that older children might enjoy. Meanwhile, the cost-efficient tool can easily become a part of the designer’s arsenal. Check the Price

Who Would Enjoy Using This Pen?

The manufacturer claims that the pen is suitable for children over 5 years old. We believe that this item is mostly appreciated by kids, who already go to school. While the pen is definitely safe, it still requires some precision in using it. So it would be preferable for the child to learn how to write before using the pen.

Of course, the over 5-year-old kids can have fun with the pen as well, but they might have a hard time getting it to do what they want. In any case, when younger kids use the pen, they need parental or adult supervision. The hot nozzle could cause some serious burns.

Fun Tip: The fun part is that the filament cools off quickly, so you can draw on your skin (make your own tattoo?) without feeling the heat as long as you don’t touch the hot tip.

Overall, this is a great pen for 3D drawing newbies. While the manufacturer claims it to be professional, it’s not 100 % suitable for professional 3D printing projects. However, it can become a great addition to fill in the small irregularities created by a 3D printer.


After extensively reviewing this 4th generation TIPEYE 3D printing pen, we can safely say that it’s great value for the price you pay. While it has a few disadvantages, this dependable product will be a great choice for a gadget to keep your children away from the TV and computer. Meanwhile, it may offer professional 3D designers some great quick-fix solutions. The pen is really easy to use. The manufacturers did a fantastic job taking into account the item’s safety while preserving its functional design and suitability for small hands.

We would recommend this pen as a fun device for kids over 7 years old and as an additional tool for professionals, who use 3D printing for their design projects.


  • Sleek design
  • Easy to Use
  • Comes with free filament
  • Can be used with PLA and ABS filaments
  • Intuitive controls, including temperature and speed settings
  • Suitable for children over 5
  • Easy to clean
  • Moderate price tag
  • One-year warranty


  • 4-foot power cable may be too short for some users but it is possible to use a power bank
  • The Filament hole is too close to the power cord plug
  • Not wireless

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