Tips on How to learn AutoCAD

I frequently hear people asking the following: How to learn AutoCAD? Though learning AutoCAD alone is not an easy task, it is not impossible.

In this post, we are going to visit ways one can take while learning AutoCAD auto-didactically.

How to learn AutoCAD basics from AutoDesk

Autodesk created the map to guide beginners on their learning journey when they are trying to do it all on their own. The website based on a clickable map (picture below) actually helps you learn step by step.


If you are an absolute beginner, the smartest way to start will be to learn a little about the AutoCAD-environment and then learn the basic vocabulary used while drafting in AutoCAD before fully diving into tutorials.

You can easily read the map on the image above where you will be shown what and how to learn AutoCAD.

How to learn AutoCAD basics from Tutorial45

Here at tutorial45, the way we are going about this is complementary to the method above. We are providing a set of 21 exercises that will help you learn AutoCAD commands and what to do with them. The approach here is to push you to see the necessity of a command before using it for the first time, so that when you find yourself in the same situation, later on, you know what to do.

In each session, we are giving you the opportunity to visit the command before applying it on a specific project.

But all depend on how you learn best. Here is the series: AutoCAD tutorial in 21 days

How to learn AutoCAD basics from Books

Here are two books we often recommend. Some people learn best with Books.

These will be of a great help if you are learning AutoCAD from scratch, it won’t only teach you the basics, but will help you master AutoCAD from creating your first object to plotting project.


AutoCAD bible

AutoCAD For Dummies

what other people say

Download CAD free trial, hit F1 with questions. Read all you want, but unless you actually put all those commands, options, lisps, shortcuts, dimensions, lines, extrusions, arrays etc to use, you aren’t going to remember any of it.

AutoCAD 2015 and AutoCAD LT 2015: No Experience Required: Autodesk Official Press Donnie Gladfelter and

Good luck. You’re doomed… Seriously, though, why not take a class? If this is not an option, try

I find that even after years of using it. I still learn commands that change everything about how I work. (my recent favorites are REGION and UNION)
Maybe once you get your bearings. Make a point of learning a new command every week or so. Most of them will not be very useful, but the odd one will make you angry that you didn’t know about it sooner.

I learned completely on my own back on release 8 by redrawing some custom blue prints of a house my sister was building. Then I learned drafting in a technical highschool.
Get the Autocad Bible. It’s always been a good book.

Ellen Finkelstein AutoCAD Bible. I learned it in a month and got a job because of it. It has very straightforward lessons and concepts


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