Which Roomba should I get?

Since the creation of the Roomba in 2002 more than 15 million of this iconic robotic vacuum cleaner has been sold worldwide. Its popularity has been due to the recent coverage of robotics and AI by the mainstream media and the public. For those, just hearing about iRobot’s Roomba for the very first time, it is important to note that this device is an autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner with 360 degree operating wheels and sensors. Its wheels give it the ability to move around and also turn in place while the sensors allow it detect dirt, find its way and sense obstacles or steep drops.

These robotic vacuum cleaners also integrate the use of different cleaning technologies and navigation systems to ensure that they get the job done satisfactorily. It is also important to note that the average iRobot Roomba is definitely not in the price range of more traditional vacuum cleaners and this must be taken into consideration when you go shopping.

Today’s article will be focused on the Roomba and will be written to provide first-time Roomba buyers on what to look for when buying these devices as well as the top models available for purchase. To accurately provide you with a list of the best Roomba’s to choose from, here are the criteria that we employed to simplify the task of choosing your perfect Roomba.

Our Selected Criteria

  • Operational Features—the functionality of the Roomba and how it operates—scheduling, cleaning etc.—will play a part in this choice. The technologies integrated to get the aforementioned done will also be discussed in detail below.
  • Cost—in terms of cost, the average Roomba vacuum cleaner costs more than traditional cleaners and this criterion will take this into consideration when choosing the top 5.

Which Roomba should I get?

Since this article is focused solely on the iRobot’s Roomba brand, all the devices that make the list will be iRobot products. So endeavour to stay tuned as we run through the best and more iconic robot vacuum cleaners from the iRobot stable.

iRobot Roomba 770 Vacuum Cleaning Robots for Pets and Allergies

The Roomba 770 like its predecessors comes in the same exact shape we are all used to. This is the cylindrical-shaped black robot with wheels and beeping lights on its surface. What sets the 770 apart is its unique features which give it the pets and allergies tag that can be seen attached to this vacuum cleaner on most e-commerce stores. On opening the package, the 770 is flanked by accessories such as a charging dock, a remote control, virtual walls and a DVD instructional manual coving its use.

Now, judging the Roomba 770 with the above-stated criteria we have:

Operational Features—the Roomba 770 is equipped with sensors to enable it seek and clean up dirt, select and clean specific spots as well as follow instructions from your remote. In terms of power supply, the vacuum robot comes with a powerful battery which must be recharged for approximately 3 hours to fully power it.

Cost—the Roomba 770 is relatively cheap when compared to other models developed by iRobot. At around $440, it is one of the more affordable Roomba’s out there. Only Roomba’s from the 500 series category cost less than the 770.

Pros: 360-degree cleaning, 0.17litre capacity, affordable

Cons—Obstructions limits its ability to find the charging dock.

iRobot Roomba 880 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Another powerful member of the iRobot Roomba family and like other members in the park, it comes with the distinct cylindrical black shaped design inherent in its family members. The iRobot 880 is definitely an upgrade of the 700 series from iRobot’s camp in terms of features and methods it applies in cleaning. On opening the package, the charging dock, its remote control and a DVD on its use will greet every buyer of this robotic vacuum cleaner. Using our stated criteria to review the Roomba 880, we have:

Operational Features—unlike the 700 series which made use of brushes as their cleaning medium, the 880 uses a new technology termed AeroForce by its makers. This technology drastically enhances its cleaning abilities. It also is programmed to return to the dock when in need of charging.

Cost—the 880 is slightly more expensive due to its enhanced technology. At around $580, this vacuum cleaner is definitely pricey.

Pros—the AeroForce technology enhances cleaning, more responsive technology

Cons—Quite expensive, can’t reach narrow corners and end due to its shape.

iRobot Roomba 650 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets

Don’t forget, we are still talking about the Roomba and like all Roomba’s, the 650 is designed like its brothers and sisters which means it spots the all too familiar cylindrical shape. The 650 has its own accessories which include a remote, the charging dock and an instructional manual. So what makes the Roomba 650 different? Its features.

Operational Features—for a while iRobot had struggled with cleaning technology but the 650 comes with new features that erases these difficulties. First and foremost, this vacuum cleaner is equipped with a patented three-stage cleaning systems equipped to grab onto hair, dirt and other debris. This combined with the innovative iAdapt system—its guiding sensors—ensure it leaves the entire room clean while also focusing on the dirtiest places.

Cost—with the added innovative features, the Roomba 650 is still quite affordable when compared to its predecessors. It costs approximately $350

Pros—enhanced cleaning system, persistent pass for dirt spots and an upgrade of the 560

Cons—Small dirt-storing capacity

iRobot Roomba 870 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets

There are apparent changes you notice immediately once you unveil the Roomba 870 from its package. Firstly, the device is thoroughly sleek and for once iRobot chose to add a mix of colours to its design other than their favourite colour—black. The Roomba 870 is obviously a product of research & development done at iRobot’s end to upgrade its earlier products. The package of this robotic vacuum cleaner comes complete with a user guide, a remote control and charging dock responsible for powering its batteries. In terms of features, 870 integrate some of iRobot’s iconic innovations.

Operational Features—the Roomba 870 is equipped with the AeroForce performance cleaning system which is an upgrade from the old bristle brushes in older models. Also integrated in the 870 is the iAdapt responsive navigation technology which enables it find and clean dirt in awkward positions as well as in difficult nook and crannies.

Cost—the Roomba 870 is quite expensive and at approximately $600, its price may put buyers off purchasing this robot vacuum.

Pros—great cleaning technology, adaptive navigating and large storage capacity

Cons—Expensive, requires supervision on carpeted stairs

iRobot Roomba 780 Vacuum Cleaning for Pets and Allergies

The iRobot Roomba 780 is a flagship of the Roomba series and from its design to its features this shows. The 780 is designed like every Roomba you know—cylindrical in shape—but is excitingly coloured with a mixture of silver, grey and black. The package of the Roomba comes with all the necessary accessories needed to keep the robot vacuum cleaner functioning optimally for a long time. These accessories include; the charging dock for auto charging, the remote for controlling the 780 and of course a user manual. In terms of its features, we have the following review:

Operational Features—the 780 comes equipped with the HEPA filter which enhances its ability to clean up dirt areas, pick up furs and other large debris. Added to this is the iAdapt navigation system that makes it possible for the 780 to easily navigate through obstacles and uneven ground. The device can be scheduled and includes soft touch bumpers that protect it when colliding with obstacles.

Cost—the 780is quite costly and at approximately $600 will surely put some dent in your pocket.

Pros—quieter than its predecessors, excellent navigation and compatible with all floor types

Cons—Expensive solution to vacuum cleaning

Roomba vacuum cleaners are great robots which can be a subtle way to introduce the tenet of robotics to your home. In some cases, users of the Roomba have hacked the device in order to give it more or different abilities as the case might be. Here we come to the end of the top Roomba vacuum cleaners you should consider purchasing for your domestic use.


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