AutoCAD Quiz 00

The intricacies of engineering and design have always been a vital part of AutoCAD. As a well-established flagship software product developed by Autodesk, AutoCAD is profoundly recognized for enabling engineers, architects, and designers to represent their creative designs and plans graphically. But how well do you reckon you understand this amazing technical tool? Whether you’re …

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AutoCAD Quiz 04

We’ve recently talked about AutoCAD keyboard shortcuts and we’ve seen how we could use them to move faster while working on project in AutoCAD. It will be necessary to revisit that post once again before attempting to perform the following AutoCAD quiz.Without further ado, let dive into the quiz.

AutoCAD Quiz 03

Here is the fourth series of our AutoCAD quizzes. Remember to go back to the early ones if you have not done so yet. These quizzes help you sharpen your memory and make you notice areas to come back to while learning how to use AutoCAD. Others: AutoCAD Quiz 00AutoCAD Quiz 01AutoCAD Quiz 02AutoCAD Quiz …

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AutoCAD Quiz 02

Another day, another AutoCAD Quiz.Experimenting is always the best. Our advice for you, while you go through following AutoCAD questions, help yourself trying these things (in AutoCAD) related to the question that might get you confused. Enjoy!

AutoCAD Quiz 01

Here is the second AutoCAD quiz of our series of AutoCAD quizzes. If you have not taken the first one, feel free to head to it before diving into this one. The following quiz will highlight some tips we omitted during previous AutoCAD tutorials, and will also help sink some important information in your brain. …

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