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The Best Android App for Photo Editing

by Tutorial45

The smartphone is slowly but surely taking over the personal computer as the go-to solution for managing photos, videos, and digital work. This is why it comes as no surprise to learn that there are millions of photo editing apps currently list on Google Play Store.

When spoilt with choice, actually choosing one app or two to use can become a difficult proposition. This is why we have taken the time to ease your search by outlining the best photo editing applications you can find on Android devices. To further improve your decision-making process, we will include the features of the applications listed here. Thus, you’d know what you’re getting into before choosing to download any of the apps on this list.

The Best Android Apps for Photo Editing

Photo Editor Pro

The Photo Editor Pro app was designed with one thing in mind; to help you edit photos like a professional using your android device. To ensure you are capable of accomplishing this, the application is equipped with tons of features for you to use to make both major and minor changes to your photos. The app is free and you can download it here.


  • Photo Editor Pro provides you with more than 60 filters that can be applied to your pictures or photos. These filters include the conventional ones you may be used to such as warm, natural, and red effects and new ones such as Lomo.
  • You can also choose to blur backgrounds, edit lighting exposure, and add other glitch-like effects to your photos.
  • The app comes with features to execute a body retouch such as slim body, tattoos, hairstyles etc.
  • A simplistic interface which makes the app easy to use for everyone.

PicsArt Photo Editor

If you’ve used an android device for some time, it is quite possible you may have come across the PicsArt photo editor app due to its popularity. PicsArt offers its users hundreds of features for edition photos at a high level. The app comes with a likable interface that supports your creative drive. You can choose to download it here.


  • PicsArt offers you an extensive image library where you can choose to import art works and stickers from and integrate them into your photos.
  •  PicsArt comes with hundreds of effects which include more conventional ones and new effects such as the face swap and face editor features.
  • PicsArt supports sketching on photos and its sketching tool is quite responsive and easy to use.
  • Although not important if you’re looking for a photo editor app, PicsArt now offers the option of editing videos. This makes creating videos for your social media profiles on TikTok or Instagram is a swipe away.  

PicShot Photo Editor

PicShot is a photo editing app that doubles as a camera. The application is built with a selfie camera which allows you to take photos and edit them directly on the app. This does not mean you cannot import photos into the user-interface to edit. The app is free, built to provide excellent user experience, and is equipped with hundreds of photo-editing features.


  • The photo blender and light fx effect make it easy for you to edit photos by playing with different lights and backgrounds.
  • The pic collage tool is one feature that you can use to create mash-ups of different photos according to your design requirements. You can choose the retro or vintage collage, alongside hundreds of filters for your work.
  • PicShot also supports the creation of a digital scrapbook for your personal use. You can then choose to share your edits across diverse social media platforms.

Glitch Photo Editor

This photo editor which also provides video editing services offers you a lot of effects including the glitch effect which it is named after. The Glitch photo editor on android is a free editing app and it comes with a simplistic interface and hundreds of tools to ease your photo-editing activities. You can download the Glitch photo editor app here.


  • With the app, you get the glitch effect, VHS trippy effects, and other vintage collages you can use to beautify your photo.
  • The app also makes use of your camera for selfies and shooting short videos. Once a photo has been taken or a vide shot, you can proceed to edit the files on the application.
  • You can create fun and interactive collages using the Glitch photo editor app and whatever you create can be posted on your social media account.

Instasquare Photo Editor

The Instasquare Photo editor app intends to bring new things to the photo-editing application table. This is why it sells its gradient outline Neon filter, dripping effects, and grime stickers as its most salient features. The editor also serves as a camera app which allows you to take photos and edit them on its interactive interface. You can download the Instasquare Photo Editor app here.


  • Neon line art which is unique to the Instasquare platform analyzes your photo and carries out or proposes edits that can enhance its aesthetics. The creators call it the use of advanced AI to edit your photos.
  • Hundreds of collages that you can mix and match to develop exciting photos for your social media pages.
  • The app also includes legacy effects which you may be used to. This ensures you have both older photo editing features to work with, as well as, cutting-edge options.

PicsApp Photo Editor

The PicsApp editor also integrates the use of Neon filters and older effects to give you multiple options for your editing tasks. With the application, editing tasks becomes fun as you get a user-interface that guarantees ease of use. You can download the PicsApp Photo Editor here.


  • The app provides you with hundreds of stickers, collages, unique layouts, and backgrounds for editing and spicing up your photos. Its extensive library is one feature you would find interesting as it lets you do more without having to import external images into its library.
  • The choice of creating scrapbooks with photos from the past or from an event before posting on your social media account  makes this photo editing app one to have for anyone who is active on social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram or TikTok
  • The app is free and you do not have to make payments to remove any watermarks as can be found on other photo editing apps.

Emoji Background Changer

If you’re looking to customize your emoji backgrounds using your photos as the inspiration, the Emoji background changer is the app for you. This photo editing app comes with hundreds of features such as multiple collage choices, scrapbooking, and emoji creation. The app is easy to use and comes with tutorials to help you get started in record time. You can download the Emoji background changer app here.


  • The app provides you with more than 50 emoji backgrounds for customizing your emojis which makes emojis out of your personal photos.
  • Thousands of stickers and emoticons are within its library which makes it an excellent tool for editing or creating scrapbooks.
  • The option of sharing your photos on social media platforms after editing them is an important aspect of the app. The app also stores your images within your account.

Adobe Photoshop Express

The Adobe Photoshop brand has become a household name for anyone interested in graphics design and editing photos at a professional level. So, it comes as no surprise to see it represented on this list. Photoshop Express provides you with an extensive array of tools and features to make the end product of your edits look more professional. You can download the Photoshop Express app here.


  • The app provides you with the option of correcting the perspectives of photos. This includes fixing crooked images and distorted camera angles.
  • The app comes with an extensive library for customizing your photos, removing blurs, applying filters, and applying your watermarks to photos. Thus, blogs and other media organizations can use the app for professional edits.
  • You can also execute quick fixes using the recommendations the app provides.

Photo Editor Lumii

The Photo editor app bills itself as a free application with Pro Presets. What this means is that it provides you with directions to ease the editing process, as well as, choose the best settings for particular photos. The app also comes with advanced tools and an extensive library of effects and stickers which you can use for your edits. You can download the app here.


  • The app makes use of an HSL color mode which allows you to apply colors and other effects to customizing or editing photos. The app supports 8 color channels that give you options.
  • The app integrates a glitch photo editor, double exposure editor, and curves for photos. These tools ensure you can execute high-level photo edits using your phone.
  • You can also execute conventional edits such as brightening photos, cropping, rotating, and adding stickers to your photos before posting them online.


The Pixlr app is also quite popular in the photo-editing community due to the features it provides its users with. The app serves as a camera app while providing you with over 2 million edition features to work with. The user interface is friendly and you do not require any extensive editing knowledge to use the app. The features of Pixlr include:


  • You can create multiple collages due to the extensive library and collage creation features of the app.
  • The app is integrated with a double exposure editor, color splash effects, stickers, and emojis which you can use to edit photos.
  • You can also make use of the app to handle quick fixes such as removing red-eyes, blurry images, smoothening skin types, managing teeth whitening, and resizing images. You can also post edited images directly on social media platforms using the app.


If you’re a fan of everything retro and would like to add a retro effect to your photos, then the Pixlr-O-Matic may just be the photo-editing app for you. The application comes with hundreds of backgrounds and features that add that classic vintage look to your photos. The Pixlr-O-Matic is free and you can download the app here.


  • The app provides you with a retro effects library which contains hundreds of effects that gets you relieving the old days.
  • The app also allows you to create vintage collages and scrapbooks which you can choose to share through your social media account. You also get a free camera app for taking pictures with a vintage background.

ToolWiz Photos

This application is one that delivers pro features to everyone using an android phone. ToolWiz is a best-in-class application that integrates the use of magic filters, art filters, image processors, and effects to ensure you get the best edits out of your photos. The app is free and with its features, you can achieve almost every effect you intend to execute. You can download the ToolWiz app here.


  • The app provides you with over 40 magic filters, 50 fast filters, and 80 tone filters that you can work with to achieve diverse results.
  • You can also make use of the app to sharpen pictures using its HDR effect, brighten backgrounds, edit backgrounds, and create collages of the photos you took.
  •  The app allows you to draw with its pencil features, add texts, and customize your photos according to your requirements.

Fotor Photo Editor

The Fotor comes equipped with its camera application, camera photo grid, pho filters, and hundreds of tools for adding effects or customizing your photos. The Fotor also doubles as a social media page as it allows you to submit your photos taken with the app in contests or events where you can win prizes. You can download the Fotor photo editor app here.


  • The app gives you 10 completely customizable edit functions to execute quick fixes or handle extensive editing tasks. With the application, you can customize photos at a professional level including adding your watermarks.
  • The app offers hundreds of collage templates for your scrapbooking projects. These collages and stickers are updated weekly which means you get a fresh batch every week to work with.
  • For those interested in making money through photography, the app links to Pxbee where you can sell your pictures to earn money.


The MOLDIV app comes with approximately 194 filters across 13 themes. This means you can carry out vintage edits, contemporary edits, change backgrounds, and do almost anything related to photo-editing with the MOLDIV app. The app also provides you with its dedicated selfie camera to simplify the photo capture and editing process.


  • The app comes with an extensive library consisting of texts, stickers, emojis, and other images for your use. The texturing feature also allows you to fix blemishes such as red eyes, skin smoothening, and other retouching effects that enhance photos.
  • The pro camera comes with multiple filters for beautifying your photos while taking them. This coupled with a live booth means you can shoot professional photos using the camera.
  • The app provides you with hundreds of collage, magazine, landscape, and contemporary backgrounds to use when editing your photos.

Photo Editor Square Fit Collage Maker

The Square Fit Collage Maker is an all-in-one app which is equipped with a camera, beauty effects, and collage templates to enable you to take better pictures and edit them immediately. The Photo Editor app comes with a simplistic user-interface and connects to Instagram and other social media platforms. This makes posting through the app something you could choose to do. You can download the photo editor square fit collage maker here.


  • The app provides users with diverse collage making features that are excellent for scrapbooking and prepping photos for social media.
  • The beauty effect feature helps with editing individual sections in a photo. You can choose to apply the skin smoothening effect, slimming effect, red-eye removal and other edits to refine your favorite photos.
  • The app comes with Insta square, color splash, and photo mirrors which all have their diverse uses in photography and editing.

Camly Photo Editor & Collages

If filter packs and unique effects are what you look out for in a photo editing app, then the Camly app is definitely something you may be interested in. The application comes with hundreds of filter packs which are also constantly updated. This means on a regular basis, you will be provided with new filters to tryout. The app supports collaging and provides users with multiple templates to create unique collages to share with family and friends. You can download the Camly app here.


  • The app offers you the tools needed to create stylish captions that go with your photos. It also provides you with hundreds of stickers for customizing your photos.
  • The app comes with a set of professional editing tools that can be used to adjust optical exposure, hues, straightening the horizon among other features.


This app intends to take your artistic abilities to the next level through the use of beautifying and retouching tools. The app was built for anyone who posts regularly on Instagram and other social media platforms. This means you get multiple effects to play with when editing your photos. You can download the Artist app here.


  • The app provides you with more than 200 stickers such as the rainbow sticker or the galaxy stickers to customize your photos.
  • An almighty adjustment kit ensures you can execute advanced edits such as adding vignette effects, HSL details, texturing, and other activities that enhance your photo.


This app intends to assist you with achieving professional-level edits without you having to do much work. Thus, its 100s of filters can be applied to give you a pro looking photo in record time. With Pomelo, you get multiple features free but will have to sign up to its membership program to access every feature it offers. You can download the Pomelo app here.


  • The app offers you more than 40 filters that can turn grainy photos into the finished article once applied.
  • You can also create your custom filter using the pro tools the application offers.


The Airbrush app is a bit popular among android users interested in retouching their photos before posting on social media. The app is an excellent retouching tool that can be used to remove a variety of blemishes and edit photos to achieve a professional look. You can download the Airbrush app here.


  • The app offers diverse features for beautifying and customizing your photos. These features include smoothening skins, makeup retouching, and color adjustments.
  • You can choose to paint sketch and draw doodles on your photos using the paint features within the app. You can also add texture to ensure the edited photo looks professional.

Fotogenic: Face & Body Tune

The Fotogenic app lives up to its name by providing you with multiple tools to upgrade your photos and make them look more professional. The tool comes with an interactive interface, stickers, filters, and quick-fix features that ensure you start editing in record time.


  • The app provides multiple customizable features such as text and speech bubbles to make your photos interactive.
  • The app offers color adjustment features for brightening dark spots and editing blemishes off your photos.

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe is the king of photo editing and the Lightroom app highlights this fact. The app consists of a camera and photo editing tools for retouching, beautifying, and customizing photos. With the app, you take complete control of the editing process and can edit at a granular level. The features of Adobe Lightroom include:


  • The app comes with extensive filters and retouching tools, as well as, a detailed tutorial on how to apply its tools.
  • The app offers cloud storage for professional and amateur photographers looking to earn from photography. Thus, you can take large volumes of pictures, edit, and upload to the cloud for safekeeping.


Photo editing is an art form and like every artist the best tools enhance the end product. The 21 photo editing apps outlined here are the best to be found on the android play store. You can download one and get started with editing immediately.

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