The Uses and Benefits of Circuit Board Holders

All electronic DIY projects start with determining what the device intends to accomplish and then designing the circuit board that would be incorporated into the device. As you probably know, circuit boards come in different types and must be designed to support the mechanical and electrical components of your device. Therefore, your circuit board must be prepped for attaching the different components that make it function. This is where a circuit board holder comes into play.

So what is a circuit board holder? Holders are supportive structures that allow you to manipulate your circuit boards at wheel. A circuit board holder is used as manipulative support because it can hold the circuit board in place, allow you to rotate, tilt, and position circuit boards at will. That being said, understanding the structure of a circuit board holder is the key to its usage.

The Structure of A Circuit Board Holder

Most circuit board holders consist of a supportive base and two standing structures forming a clamp. The end of the clamp provides you with the clinchers needed to hold a circuit board in place. Holders can also be equipped with elastic springs that make tightening and loosening the clamps possible. Stability and clamping strength plays a role in determining how a circuit board holder functions.

The Uses of a Circuit Board Holder

Now, the structure of a holder has been understood, the next step is analyzing its uses. As stated earlier, circuit board holders are basically used for holding, rotating, and tilting a circuit board. Analyzing how it accomplishes this task, here are the details.

  • Holding Circuit Boards – The main use of a holder is to secure a circuit board in place while you work on it. Once clamped, the circuit board holder can be made stationary. This means you can use your soldering device without worrying about stability issues.
  • Rotating Circuit Boards – Holders can also be used to rotate a circuit board thereby giving you access to the other side of the board. This movement is specifically helpful when working on double-sided circuit boards. Easy access to both sides makes your soldering task much easier.
  • Tilting Circuit Boards – Another important supporting feature of a circuit board holder is the option of angling it offers. This option means you can place your circuit board at an angle and continue soldering your electric components
circuit board holder

The Benefits of a Circuit Board Holder

The benefits of a circuit board holder are multiple and here are some of the advantages it bestows on hobbyists, students, and professional engineers.

  1. A circuit board holder eliminates the need for external assistance from a friend or colleague. Holders clamp circuit boards in place which allows you to work effectively and eliminate common errors.
  2. When reworking the design of a circuit board, complete access to all parts is needed. A circuit board holder provides you with the ability to manipulate the board at will. Therefore providing you with all the access you may require.
  3. A retractable grip or clamp also means circuit board holders can be used to hold boards of diverse sizes in place. With the right circuit board holder, you can easily manipulate multi-layer, sing sided, and double-sided circuit boards.
  4. Circuit board holders are cheap, durable, and bring stability to the table. These benefits make it an investment worth making if you intend to consistently design or build circuit boards.

The Aven Adjustable Circuit Board Holder

If the benefits of a circuit board holder are something you would like to take advantage of, the Aven adjustable circuit board holder may just be the accessory for you. In terms of its features, this holder has the capacity to hold boards with a length of 198mm and a width of 4mm. The Aven adjustable holder allows you to rotate the circuit board through 360 degrees which makes it possible to inspect every aspect of your circuit board.

circuit board holder

In terms of the Aven holder’s build, the holder is built with metal to deliver the stability your work requires. This rigid metal structure coupled with the stabilizing base makes the Aven holder a durable and stable accessory to have. The holder is also retractable and this allows it to clamp smaller circuit boards. It achieves the rotational movement of the boards using the rotational metal clamps at its ends.

So here you have it, the uses and benefits of a circuit board holder to circuit design. Holders are supportive accessories every electronic enthusiast must consider having. Their affordable cost also makes it an attractive tool for student and beginners interested in developing functional circuit boards.

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