Electronic DIY Metal Detector Project

Today, we are going to build a DIY metal detector with the help of these devices which will help make the process easy and fun. The end product, the metal detector itself once built can help you find metallic stuff under the ground, who knows what might just be buried there waiting for you!

Here are the items included in the Box:

electronic parts

There are components like transistors and resistors which can look identical though there are not.

Fortunately enough, everything is labeled on the PCB. We should not have any issue with the assembly of this kit.

circuit board

Let’s start with all of the capacitors, those are of orange, big black, and green color. Make sure that polarities of the biggest black capacitor match with PCB.


Solder everything and cut out the legs of each component.

holes in a circuit board

Now we have to put the two resistors in place, each of them has a different value one is 2.2k and the other is 220k. You can measure that with a multimeter. If you don’t have a multimeter make sure that it looks the same as on the image below. (You can learn how to use a multimeter here)

component mounted on a circuit board

Solder everything and cut off the legs of both resistors.

Now we have three transistors. They are different from one another, we have a 9018, 9015 and 9012. There are labels on the PCB with exactly the same way. Simply put them in their proper place on the board.

circuit board

In the end, we can solder the potentiometer, buzzer, and 2 cables.

Make sure that the positive pin of the buzzer is where there is + on the PCB. The holes for power cables are labeled with + and -.

cable connection on the circuit board

And here you go!

metal detector completed

To power it up, you can use anything in the range of 3 to 5V. I am using my adjustable power supply with the voltage adjusted to 4V.

power supply with circuit board

You can also use normal AA or AAA batteries and use it remotely to find some treasures outside if you are into this kind of thing.

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