The Best 20 Android Calendar Apps to Download Now

Every Android phone comes with a generic calendar. While the calendar you currently have does the job of reminding you about today’s date excellently, we would like you to know that you can get other Android calendar apps installed on your phone. Here is our attempt to make you discover what the best calendar apps for android are.

For some calendar apps, telling the date is secondary because they provide productivity tools to ensure you’re always prepared for what comes next. In this post, we will introduce you to 20, yes they’ll be 20 in number, excellent choices to choose from when searching for a calendar app that does more. 

Android Calendar Apps You Should Know

To ensure you understand what these calendar applications bring to the table, each outlined option will include explanations of the features and capabilities of the app. 


Simple Memo Calendar

The simple memo calendar app mirrors its name in terms of the functions it offers. This application enables you to add memos to dates on the calendar. Thus, if you are interested in attending a webinar or remembering why a day is important, the simple memo app gives you the tools needed to bookmark important dates with an explanatory memo. 

Simple Memo Calendar android

In terms of design, the application is built to have a simplistic user-interface that guarantees ease of use. The features of the simple memo calendar app include: 

  • The app allows you to write simple notes and categorize these notes under different sections. 
  • The app makes use of a password to protect the personal notes you write from prying eyes. 
  • The app has its widget which also enables you access memos through it. 
  • You can change the language setting of the application to meet your requirement. 

Simple Calendar Easy Events Manager

This calendar app is more of a productivity tool that helps you manage the events occurring in your life. The application is customizable and allows you to fix dates to events, provide reminders, and create an appointment card for personal use. 

Simple Calendar Easy Events Manager android app

The calendar app is excellently designed so you can use it intuitively. You can also draft notes alongside dates when setting appointments. The features of this calendar application include: 

  • This is an offline calendar app which can be used to record events in locations where you have no access to the internet. 
  • The calendar provides you with alternate views for looking through your events. 
  • It has its widget which you can attach on the home screen of your android device.

DigiCal Calendar Agenda

The DigiCal application is more of a scheduling tool than your average calendar. It is highly customizable and enables you to set your agenda for the day, week, month, or year. The calendar integrates your personal preferences and attached them to dates. This could be sporting events, family events, or bank holidays. 

DigiCal Calendar Agenda android app

The calendar app also integrates weather reports which can be useful for planning your day. The features of this app include: 

  • It provides you with 42 colors to aid your customization efforts. 
  • It syncs with Google calendar, outlook, and exchange. This ensures you can manage all your domestic and professional activities through its singular interface. 
  • It includes a heat map which allows you to know which periods are likely to be busy for you. 

Business Calendar 2

Having a dedicated calendar for your business dealings and operations is probably a good idea for anyone without an assistant. In this case, the business calendar serves as your assistant by keeping track of important dates using memos and notes. 

Business Calendar 2 android

This calendar app doubles as a schedule planner and task organizer with the features to handle these tasks. The user interface is also friendly and you are sure to get its use after one try. The features of the Business Calendar 2 app include: 

  • A favorite bar for tracking your favorite business-related dealings. The favorite bar can also be hidden at need. 
  • Integrated the use of smart suggestions to help you quickly fill out repetitive tasks or meetings. The smart suggestion brings out familiar names and location s you’ve previously used. 
  • A voice input feature which ensures you do not have to manually type in memos or notification details. 

To-do Calendar Planner

If you love defining your daily goals and adding the tasks needed to accomplish them to your goals, then this is the calendar app for you. The To-do Calendar allows you to plan your days without forgetting any important activities regardless of how busy your schedule is.

To-do Calendar Planner android

The app allows you to customize themes and colors to fit your personality. This ensures you do not get fatigued assessing it on a regular basis. The features of the To-do Calendar app include:

  • It enables you to attach files and pictures to tasks which makes it easier to remember what you are supposed to be doing. 
  • Allows you to record audios and attach them to tasks.
  • It comes with a web version which allows you Sync work details on your PC with your smartphone. This collaboration capability simplifies working on the go. 

My Schedule

Scheduling work activities using set time frames is the best way to get the job done. The My Schedule app is built solely for this purpose and it provides you with a clean user-interface and tools for drafting memos alongside reminders. 

My Schedule  android app

My Schedule allows you to personalize the application’s interface to match the design you favor. The features of My Schedule include: 

  • It enables you to create activities and share these activities with colleagues. 
  • It integrates the use of a timer for those who intend to know the specific duration of time spent doing a task. 

Work Shift Calendar

Work definitely happens or occurs within a shift and this gives the work some time to rest and recharge his or her batteries. The Work Shift Calendar was designed for shift workers who encounter changing schedules from time to time. This includes registered nurses and healthcare givers. 

Work Shift Calendar android app

The Work Shift Calendar is designed with an intuitive user-interface which simplifies its use. The features of this calendar application include: 

  • The ability to create Configurable shifts. 
  • Import shifts from previous calendars to another with ease. 
  • Helps you keep track of overtime and the benefits that come with it. 

Free Monthly Calendar App

The monthly calendar app was designed for event planning and task management. To this end, you can write notes on the days or months that are special to you. These notes can serve as reminders to do the set task, call a friend, or plan an event. 

free monthly calendar app

The user interface of the monthly calendar application is intuitive and easy to use. The features of this calendar app include: 

  • It allows you to customize the interface color and the writing texts for notes. 
  • You can write notes and also delete them at will. 

Period Tracker

For many, keeping up with the monthly cycle of your period can be quite a hassle. This is due to the activities of everyday life such as work or schooling. Thus, you could be caught unaware by your period. The period tracker provides you with an excellent calendar for keeping tabs on when last you saw your period and when to expect the next cycle. 

period calendar app

The period tracker app also offers multiple features that can help you keep track of your health status round the clock. These features include: 

  • The ability to track fertility cycles to ensure you take advantage of your more fertile periods. This makes it a pregnancy app for anyone interested in getting pregnant. 
  • The app enables you to calculate your BMI, weight, symptoms or mood at any given period. This helps you explain any health issues with facts when visiting the doctor. 
  • If you’re on the pill, the period tracker allows you to keep track of your activities while ensuring you receive notifications to take your pills at specific periods of the day. 
  • The app makes use of Google backup solution to ensure your data is securely kept. This feature also ensures that if you lose your phone or data, you can still assess the period tracker through backed-up files. 

Clue Period/Ovulation and Cycle Calendar

The developers of this app advertise it as menstruation, ovulation, and fertility tracker. Thus, with this calendar app, you get three important applications in one. The application also integrates the use of data analytics to predict future cycles for at least three months. These reminders allow you to plan for upcoming cycles. 

clue period ovulation android calendar app

The application also allows you to log personal information such as your feelings during cycles, BMI, and any health-related issues you faced. The features of this application include: 

  • An ovulation app for monitoring fertility metrics of you intend to get pregnant. The app also provides fertility predictions based on the data it is fed. 
  • Access to health tips related to your cycle. These tips can help with dealing with pain, issues relating to comfort, and other cycle-related challenges. 
  • An analysis tab to keep track of personal data, the length of a cycle, and ovulation. The collected data serve as the foundation for the analytics it performs.

Monthly Calendar and Holiday

The ability to keep track of the Holidays to expect year-round enables you to plan better for them. The monthly calendar and holiday app provide you with the features needed to track the holidays in your region. This calendar app comes with a quirky interface and menus that allow you to track holidays and organize events around them. 

monthly calendar app

The option of adding personal milestones of family and friends such as birthdays and other anniversaries also provided. Thus, you can consider the application as a holiday task management tool for personal uses. The features of the Monthly Calendar and Holiday app include:

  • The ability to add notes to important dates which will help you remember tasks or what happened during the day. 
  • The choice of certain reminders if you have events planned around the holidays. 


This application is a customizable event management and task reminder tool that can help you be more efficient with your time. aCalendar takes advantage of Androids in-built calendars to synchronize your timelines and dates. This ensures milestones already captured by Android is included in your calendar without you having to manually input them. 

acalendar app

The app also provides you with an intuitive interface which enables easy navigation. You can also manage Google tasks or other tasks using aCalendar. The features of this versatile Calendar app include: 

  • The ability to customize themes and colors to meet your specifications. 
  • The app provides you with multiple widgets to choose from and add to your home screen. 
  • You can configure the volume button ony your phone to execute commands on the app. 
  • The app a integrates a business features which assists you with scheduling meetings and sending invites to colleagues. 
  • The app integrates public holidays and reminds you to plan for specific holiday events through its memos. 


First things first, CalenGoo is a paid calendar application unlike the majority of the apps listed here. That been said, the application is an event and task management app that provides you with a calendar to manage these activities. The CalenGoo app is built to have an intuitive interface and features that allow you to accomplish much in terms of organizing and using your time. 

Calengoo android app

The app is flexible and syncs with your Google calendar and assistant to help you plan better for the future. The features of this application includes: 

  • The calendar app is compatible with a host of productivity tools including Evernote, Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, and iCloud. This makes syncing every task or note you’ve created with the app an easy process. 
  • Its in-built features or tools also allow you to tag personal notes and pictures to dates or events you have plans for. 
  • The calendar provides you with weather forecasts, widgets, notifications, theme choices, and other features that customize your experiences. 
  • The app has its dark mode settings which allow you to move from light to dark or according to your phone’s settings.

Calendar Pro Agenda

The Calendar Pro is built for professionals who intend to track work-related activities through reminders and by date. To this end, the application displays your Google, Outlook, and Exchange agendas across dates. The synchronization and organization features it offers makes it an excellent agenda-setting tool for working-class individuals. 

calendar pro agenda app

Calendar Pro is intuitively designed to simplify how you use it. It also integrates the use of customization features to make you comfortable using the app. The features of this app include: 

  • An agenda mode which showcases your activities across diverse productivity tools. 
  • The ability to customize the interface and change themes according to your needs. It also provides you with artistic widgets for your home screen. 
  • You can also choose to print your calendar if having a physical activity timeline interests you. 

One Calendar

This calendar application attempts to bring all your timelines relating to dates into one platform. This includes both professional calendars such as Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Google alongside your social calendar from Facebook and other social media platforms.

android one calendar

One Calendar is built to simplify your planning process by providing you with an easy-to-read. The features of this application include the following: 

  • The app allows you view and manage appointments across social media accounts and other platforms.
  • You can choose to customize your themes and colors to fit your peculiarities. 

Calendar + Schedule Planner

Increased productivity starts with optimizing your personal planning abilities. This calendar app intends to do just that. For example, with the app, you can create invites and update your schedule, as well as, share them with prospective clients. This will help your clients know when to call and schedule meetings. 

android schedule app

The calendar also supports synchronization with the wide range of productivity apps Google offers. This includes Gmail, Google Calendar, Hangout etc. The features of the Calendar+Schedule Planner include: 

  • The ability to create events and ensure you receive periodic notifications concerning the event. 
  • The ability to personalize your notifications through the use of pop-ups, vibrations, and sounds. 
  • You can also customize the interface of the schedule planner to meet your requirements. 

Endless Calendar

The purpose of working is to earn and to earn one must keep track of the hours spent providing his or her services. The Endless calendar showcases your entire year and highlights the working events you should keep in mind. This is helpful for freelancers looking to juggle multiple clients throughout the year.

Endless android calendar app

The calendar app also provides you with an internal search engine for checking through your present, past, and future schedules. The features of the Endless Calendar app include: 

  • The app folders you the option of adding notes to your dates. These notes serve as reminders and you can choose the type of notification attached to your app. 
  • You can rename older schedules, color memos, and edit the Endless Calendar app how you choose. 

Wallet Calendar

Although the wallet is in the name of this application, it actually refers to the age-old ability to fold small calendars into your wallet. The wallet calendar helps you manage your activities through the use of notes and notifications. 

wallet calendar app

The calendar app also allows you add custom holidays native to your location to the application. You can also easily scroll through years with a finger to access your past milestones. The features of this application include: 

  • The ability to customize themes and choose colors according to your needs. 
  • The app allows you to have multiple profiles with different details sharing the same interface. 

One View Calendar

One View Calendar sells itself as the cleanest app with the most streamlined interface for managing your daily events. One View Calendar offers a 360 view of your activities through the use of an activity timeline. This allows you to have an excellent overview of your daily, weekly, and monthly events.

The features of the one View Calendar app include:

  • The zoom-able feature ensures you can access the agenda timeline with ease. It also makes going through your past an easier process. 
  • The app include memo features which allows you leave notes to remember exactly what you intend to do during a specified timeline. 
  • You can choose to keep a private and shared calendar at the same time. This helps with managing work and clients. 

Calendar Daily

Event organizers will find the calendar daily an excellent app for organizing the hundreds of details that come up before any event can successfully take place. This makes the app an event planning tool as it allows you to calculate expenses and add them to your daily events.

calendar app daily

The calendar app also supports synchronization with Exchange and Outlook. The features of this app include: 

  • Multiple widgets and customization features to ensure the calendar feels more like something you’d use. 
  • The app works offline but will need its online features to sync with external platforms like the Android Calendar, Outlook, and Exchange. 
  • A quick switch interface which simplifies the process of assessing your activities for a day, week, or month. 

Time Tree

This application takes Calendar Apps to the next level by integrating a chat platform, event management features, and synching tools for your use. The application supports multiple individuals or a team’s planning and scheduling efforts.

Time Tree is quite popular and with 18million downloads, it is one of the most downloaded calendar apps on Play Store.

The features of the app include: 

  • The app supports sharing and communications via a message app. This enhances collaboration within teams or families. 
  • The app integrates the use of holiday reminders and notifications to help you plan better. It also comes with 13 languages and the option of choosing yours. 
  • You can choose to customize the app’s interface to meet your specific needs. 


The calendar apps outlined here are free except one. For the free apps, you may have to contend with Ads while using the application. So, get started with organizing your time by downloading any option you feel meets your specific requirements. 

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