10 Reasons to Date an Engineer

There are different types of engineers and each of them has different personalities. But like all people, they like simple things. You don’t need to overthink what dating them is like; they are very to the point. But as with any partner, they have their needs and desires.

Everyone knows that engineers are a breed of their own. With personalities that can be confusing at first and because they are some of the smartest people out there, it is worth trying to get to know them. Once you understand them, you realize that dating an engineer has many amazing advantages.

1. Engineers Are Organized

Everyone knows that engineers love to be quite particular about the things they want/don’t want to do. They prefer to use the latest technology, have easy access to gadgets, and convenient working solutions to bring organization to their world. Maybe what they think of structure isn’t what you think but being an engineer also means respecting other’s structures or ways because they know that intruding on the system can disrupt the balance and damage the ability to stay productive. And you will, in all probability, enjoy having a calm, organized life with your partner.

2. Engineers Can Handle High-Pressure Situations

Of course, being an engineer isn’t easy and they have stressful situations at work where they have to stay calm and make critical decisions. This is helpful for relationships when your partner can think logically under pressure because it means he/she won’t join you on your emotional rollercoaster. Instead, your partner will become a calming force.

3. Engineers Are Fast Leaners

Both men and women in this profession have to pay attention to details. Therefore, they will always remember what type of cheese you asked for and they will make that late night trip to the store for you. It also means they remember all your special dates, small details, and things you said. They think before taking action. They may not know how to show it the romantic way sometimes, but they will never forget to get you that special thing for your birthday you mentioned once and not even pretend it’s a big thing.

4. Engineers Are Good Teachers

Engineers can retain a lot of information and they know how to explain it in simple words. Working with lots of different data, they can analyze it and decide what’s important and what isn’t because they have to prioritize their time and effort when working on a project. They bring this type of analysis to their relationships, too. If you’re dating an engineer, your partner may not be very talkative but all words will be important.

5. Engineers Are Ready For Commitment

Engineers work on one thing until it is perfect; they are very dedicated to a certain task. Committing to this career shows that they are serious about their future and this can also be true for their relationships. They often don’t want to waste time having many short-term partners and would rather prefer quality relationships. Quality over quantity is an important part of the engineering world.

6. Engineers Are Creative

There is a misconception that engineers are boring nerds but it is so far from the truth. Engineers have to be creative at work because they need to find solutions for problems every day. Being creative every day requires a lot of effort and brain power and many engineers do other creative things such as painting, playing an instrument, and doing other projects for fun. You will never be bored when dating an engineer.

7. Engineers Know How to Make Plans

Dating an engineer often means you have a plan, whether it’s for the upcoming week, your meals, your trip, your finances, or your future. Sometimes you need to get used to their level of organization but you can have peace of mind knowing you’re safe and don’t have to worry about the future.

8. Engineers Are Handworkers

Engineers really know how to work hard. They don’t need days off and they always have something on their mind. They never give up on a project and continuously search for a solution; they don’t get discouraged and don’t put off their plans. They know there is always a solution and they will find it. All these things make them amazing partners who are willing to work hard to solve issues with your relationships and find solutions to problems.

9. Engineers Can Find the Most Effective Solutions

This doesn’t mean their solutions are better than yours. But they know what to do with leaky pipes or what to do with your neighborhood’s cat who likes your lawn. They can solve problems quite easily, without having to call professionals. In other words, if your house is half flooding and half on fire, your partner will figure something out.

10. Engineers Can Admit Their Mistakes

Engineers know that trial and error is an inevitable part of the process. They know how to rethink their solutions. In relationships, they can analyze their behavior and see what actions don’t deliver good results (for example, make you upset) and look for new solutions that can ensure better outcomes.

What to Know Before Dating an Engineer

Now, you know the benefits of dating an engineer and you may be ready to find one for yourself. But before starting your relationship, you should remember something about them. Logical thinking will always be more important than a romantic attitude. This is an amazing trait when you need a life partner or if you’re ready for a long-term commitment. If you prefer a stable and practical person instead of a crazy and romantic one; engineers are definitely for you.

However, engineers can be romantic, too. They just prefer to be a ‘by the book’ romantic type and do things like looking at sunsets, giving you flowers, or taking you on romantic trips. Some of them could also think that this entire romantic is unnecessary and prefer to retain romance just by doing the things that suit your needs.

When thinking whether or not an engineer is your type, you should remember their personalities significantly vary depending on what area they are working in. Different engineering professions have people with different personalities. For example, chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, and civil engineers are more outgoing and open than electrical engineers or programming engineers.

Some of them know how to dress well and some don’t understand why black socks and sandals can’t be put on together. Some engineering wardrobes have jackets, hats, and shirts with company logos of the organization they have worked for. Also, most of them won’t own a suit unless they have to and those who have a suit may not feel comfortable wearing it, so don’t push.

At the same time, engineers in different fields have similarities. For example, it doesn’t matter where engineers work; most of them love video games, sci-fi, history, and things like that. And for some reason, many of them love the color blue. But they are often open to clothing suggestions just don’t push them out of their comfort zone too much.

Going On a Date with an Engineer

When you need to come up with date ideas, avoid the suit and tie restaurants and events. Instead, choose a trendy brewery, science museum, a new gastropub, a comedy club, sci-fi movie night, playing video games, watching their favorite sport or just going to a sports bar or any other laid-back place. When you are thinking of what to choose as a gift, you can always get it right by asking about their last favorite sci-fi movie, TV show, video game, etc., and then get:

  • A shirt with their favorite characters;
  • Cufflinks that feature their favorite theme (even though engineers don’t wear suits often, sooner or later they will be invited to a suit and tie event and will be grateful for owning them);
  • Any item that somehow relates with any of his/her favorite characters/movies.

Now, when you date an engineer, you can find that some of the personality examples above can dominate. For instance, your partner can be more old school and choose the places to go on dates and order drinks, food, etc. One thing is certain: all engineers love good food and drinks. They love trying new places and are sometimes aware of all trendy spots in the city.

If you’ve been dating an engineer for a long time and your relationship gets to that moment when he/she says I love you, you know it is a well-thought decision. Engineers may need time but it’s a good thing because you don’t want your partner to take important words lightly. Engineers want to make sure it’s the right thing to do and they won’t make a serious commitment too quickly.

If you’re lucky to have found yourself an engineer, appreciate their talent and qualities, show that you appreciate their hard work, and enjoy the multiple benefits of having such an amazing partner.

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