The Top Engineering Apps Every Engineering Student Should Have

Studying engineering comes with its own challenges and regardless of the discipline you choose—mechanical, electrical or systems—having the right toolsets will simplify learning in the long run. Therefore, this week, we intend to bring to your notice some apps designed to elevate your engineering abilities. To do this effectively, some categorization will be employed to enable you to choose the best apps which cut across all engineering disciplines.

The categories to be included here will cover the core engineering disciplines for they provide the foundation for other aspects of engineering. So here are the categories:

  • Mechanical engineering apps
  • Electrical electronics apps
  • Civil engineering apps


The Top 5 Apps for Mechanical Engineering

The top 5 app that makes our list for mechanical engineering cuts across mechanical component design, measurement and thought process. They include:


Mechanical engineering is a field that deals with the design of components to bring concepts to life. Therefore, a mechanical engineer must have in-depth knowledge on design and using applications to create them. Also as an engineer or an engineering student, the responsibility of been able to work on-the-go whenever there is a need cannot be overstated. This is where the eDrawings application comes in. eDrawings is a subsidiary of CAD giant SolidWorks and comes with all the tools and features needed to handle 2D drawings and 3D modeling on-the-go. This makes it a must have for mechanical engineering students studying and working on the field.

Engineering Thermodynamics

The study of thermodynamics plays a pivotal role in mechanical engineering and students who need a very comprehensive text for this must download this app. Here, you will find extensive notes, images, diagrams, formulas and solutions dedicated to the study of thermodynamics. The app integrates 120 topics and a news feed dedicated to providing students with news items coming from the thermodynamics niche. It is a great android-based app mechanical engineering students will find refreshing.

LuxCalc Fluid Prop

Here is another app developed solely for the mechanical engineering field of fluid mechanics to calculate the thermophysical properties of fluids. It integrates all the equations needed to carry out fluid analytics for your assignment and learning pleasure. It is a great mobile app that runs on the Android platform which you should consider downloading for your personal use.

Mechanical Engineer

The mechanical engineer app is an all in one equation and formula app for the mechanical engineer. It is equipped with a plethora of information covering all sections of mechanical engineering and was built for use by both students and professionals. Information on engineering design, fluid mechanism, and pressure analytics, etc. are included in its user-interface. This app is a good field companion and an excellent study aid for students. It is also important to note that it is an android based app.

Mechanics of Materials

Working learning and preparing for an interview on-the-go has never been easier due to the advent of the mobile phone. The Mechanics of Materials application leverages on the smart device technology to provide an extensive library covering the mechanics of materials for both students and professionals. The app contains tutorials on solid mechanics, structural mechanics, and finite element analysis. This is an extensive mechanical engineering app for both students and professionals looking to acquire knowledge or refresh one’s memory when job seeking. It is available on the android and apple app store.

So here are the top 5 mobile apps for mechanical engineering students looking to turn their smart devices into libraries to aid their present and future endeavors.

The Top 5 Apps for Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Next, we cover the apps we believe every electrical and electronics students must have. These apps were chosen due to the important tasks it allows students to accomplish during their respective learning processes.

  1. iCircuit—engineering students studying the basics of circuit design as well as professionals looking to test out circuit schematics will find iCircuit to be an excellent resource. The mobile app was built for the Apple smart device ecosystem and it is truly a comprehensive circuit design system. The app comes with over 30 elements that a student can use to build circuits and also try out different simulation concepts. The app is native to Apple operating systems.
  2. iEngineer—the iEngineer is actually a resource every engineer should have on his or her phone. Its inclusion in the mechanical engineering section is due to the fact that it also provides you with a database of mechanical information which includes screw and bolts analysis coupled with the pressure they can withstand. This app is useful for it allows students to study on the go and this can come in handy at any time during the semester
  3. Engineering Unit Conversion—a unit conversion application is a handy tool that will definitely have its uses in any engineering discipline but we chose to list it under Electrical and electronics for certain reasons. This app is divided into different sections and a majority of these sections fall under EE engineering. Examples include electric flow, electric potential, electric conductivity and much more. These sections give it the leverage needed to make it on this list.
  4. Electrical Engineering App—the electrical engineering app is definitely an excellent resource for electrical engineering students due to the fact that it is virtually a three-in-one app providing EE inclined information. The tools are an electrical calculator, an electric circuit calculator, and electrical formulas. Using the app, you will be able to calculate the more important electrical parameters such as electrical power, resistance, current and much more. An app is a complementary tool for your day to day academic work.
  5. ElectroDroid—the ElectroDroid is one of the must-have apps electrical engineering students should consider having on their smart devices. This android app brings a lot to the table. Its features include an electronics calculator, color codes information, electrical symbols and much more. With the ElectroDroid, you can access capacitor color codes and their standard tables, sort out AWG and SWG wire sizes, troubleshoot circuit schematics, Y-Δ transformation, LED resistor calculations, etc. The multiple capabilities of this app make it a great learning resource for the average student.

The Top 5 Apps for Civil Engineering

The field of civil engineering is one of the major building blocks of engineering as a discipline. Therefore, it is important that we also provide apps that make mastering its tenets easy.

  1. FingerCAD—here is another computer-aided design software application developed solely for 2D architectural planning and 3D building modeling. The ease of drawing architectural and building components will definitely help any Civil engineering student meet his or her study goals. This is due to the fact that engineers spend the majority of their time designing bridges, buildings, and geometrical figures. Therefore the ability to design on-the-go cannot be overstated.
  2. AutoCAD 360—Autodesk has been a major player in the CAD community since the ’80s and most Civil engineering departments around the world teach digital design using this CAD tool. Therefore having a dedicated AutoCAD application for viewing class CAD assignments and making edits through your phone enables you to be active regardless of your location. AutoCAD 360 is available to both android and apple users which makes it one of the applications anyone can get on their phones for editing DWG and DWF files.
  3. HVAC Professional—the app features a lot of formulas across the engineering scene and provides Civil engineering students with access to HVAC formulas, unit conversions, etc. This app is quite unique in the sense that it allows you to bookmark your favorite formulas and items for future and regular use. HVAC professional is available on the android and apple store that makes it quite accessible to all civil engineering students.
  4. Civil Calculator—the civil calculator is a universal app that can be used by all civil engineering students and it consists of important conversion units required in the field. The app is pretty useful for it provides civil engineers with all the tools needed to solve civil engineering problems on and off the field. The app is also available to apple and android device users who are studying civil engineering.
  5. Civil Quantity Estimator—estimating cost and quantity is one of the important processes involved with every civil quantity estimator project. The application is very user-friendly and useful for estimating quantity and cost for construction projects. The app is also built for on-the-go use and is available on the android and apple app stores.

Here we see some of the best apps available to engineers regardless of your field. System engineers, computer engineers and students in other disciplines can still make use of the apps on this list. You can also add your favorite application to the list by using the comment box below.

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