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DIY Electronic Fidget Spinner

by Nikodem Bartnik

Let’s revive our old friend the fidget spinner!. It won’t be a bad idea if we decide to add a few LEDs to a fidget spinner shape printed board.

Here is the list of all component we are going to use in this DIY project.

diy fidget spinner components

This kit comes with clear instructions on how to put the parts together.

diy fidget spinner documentation

First, we will solder both integrated circuits, there is a mark on the PCB and on the package of those IC. Make sure that those two line up together.

diy fidget spinner

There is a place for three resistors next to both ICs. Let’s put it in place. Those should be labeled 201.

diy fidget spinner

Between the IC and resistors, we will solder all of the LEDs. Make sure that the green labels on each LED match the vertical line next to LED pad on the PCB.

diy fidget spinner

On the third arm of the PCB, we have to solder one resistor and a button.

diy fidget spinner

Rotate the PCB and put the battery holders in place.

diy fidget spinner

Turn the PCB upside down and solder all them. That’s the last thing to solder.

diy fidget spinner

Now we can take off the protective foil from all of the acrylic parts.

diy fidget spinner

And we can assemble the frame of our spinner. For that, we have to use the acrylic parts and few screws. The whole assembly process is well explained in the instruction manual.

diy fidget spinner

And there you go!

That was a quick one, but that thing can sit on your office table making you proud of your accomplishment everytime you look at it.

diy fidget spinner

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