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Learn AutoCAD Basics: DAY 14

by Tutorial45

A few acrobatic moves today, but all the needed commands have in some way already been used in previous challenges. Practice makes perfect? right? If you’ve just landed here, I just wish to remind you that you can check the whole AutoCAD series from the start.

Looking at the exercise below, you should be able to form a game plan you will need to get this done with what you’ve already learned.

I believe you possess all the skills you need to complete the following without any issue.

Learning AutoCAD Basics

Figure 1

2d exercise

Figure 2

The red lines highlighted below are of equal size. This to say the centers of the small circles are equally further away from the center of the big circle.

2d image exercise


The image above might seem missing some details, maybe the following image will help. Pay attention to the skeleton-image used while creating the project, you will notice this is easier than what it seemed at first.

autocad 2d image

Our suggestion will be to start from the base line (line of 80 units). All information are provided for this not to be a headache.

Feel free to drop a couple of words below in case of difficulties.

Learn AutoCAD Basics in 21 DAYS

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