AutoCAD tutorial 00: AutoCAD free download full version

Here is a starting point of a journey of two (you and me), I know the way and will just need you to follow my footsteps as we move slowly to make you master AutoCAD.

AutoDesk AutoCAD is actually one of the most popular CAD software on the market right now, and if you are in need of learning CAD (Computer Aided Design), AutoCAD is the best one to start with.

AutoCAD first release was in 1982, you can imagine how long the craft has been on the perfecting line all for the purpose of bringing you the more amazing experience possible while using a CAD software.

Here are few things AutoCAD is used for, those could help validate the need to learn this piece of software.

I do not know what is the primary purpose of you learning how to use AutoCAD, but whatever it might be, the route we are about the take on this site will be the best one for you. Notice there are many specialties and fields AutoCAD is capable of helping in, that is why you have specialized version like AutoCAD electrical, AutoCAD Mechanical, AutoCAD MEP, AutoCAD Architecture just to name a few. (Here we are using the ordinary version: AutoCAD)

If your aim is to master architectural design, electrical design or others, you will at some point have to switch to a specialized version of AutoCAD to make your professional life easier. But for now, any version will be just right if you are starting.

Is there a free version of AutoCAD?

If you are still looking to get AutoCAD installed in you computer, worry no more!

AutoDesk is offering a 3 years free license for students and instructors, There is a free version waiting for you to download on AutoDesk website.

AutoCAD free download full version

Use the following link to download AutoCAD for free

Download the full version of AutoCAD

When you get on the page linked above, You will need to subscribe to AutoDesk, choose the version of AutoCAD you want to download, Choose the operating system and download AutoCAD.

Choose the version of AutoCAD


You can choose to download one of the four latest release of AutoCAD, and if there is no specific reason to download and outdated version, I will advise going with the latest one.

One of the reasons one can avoid download the latest latest version is that DWG files generated by this version might not be readable by previous versions of AutoCAD. So, if you will have to share your files with someone using previous versions, you might need to check the compatibility factor before choosing the version to download.

Choosing your operating system


Choosing the right Operating System (OS) is crucial, so you have to make sure you have this right.

In order to know the right version, you need to download, check what version of OS you have installed in your computer.

If you are on windows and don’t know if you are using a 32-bit or 64-bit.

Go to your Control Panel and click on System


and you will have displayed the exact version of your OS.


You now have all necessary information to have AutoCAD running on your computer in few minutes.

Go ahead and install AutoCAD and we will see each other in future episodes to make good use of this piece of technology.

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