Learn AutoCAD Basics: DAY 7

The present challenge is one of a kind. It is good to know that the objective is not only to be able to use AutoCAD commands but also to learn tricks and combine all the commands to get to the final image.

And one thing I will never mention enough is, there are often many ways to achieve a thing in AutoCAD. Use the idea that comes to you first if it does the job.

Simply remember to check your dimensions at the end of the exercise and make sure they match the ones mentioned in the image-exercise.

We will look a little deeper into the OFFSET command today. It is needed.

OFFSET command in AutoCAD

offset command in Autocad

The OFFSET command helps create parallel lines and parallel curves.

If you have an object and want a similar parallel object to it, this command will be helpful.

2d images autocad

To use the OFFSET command

  1. Click on the OFFSET icon
  2. Specify the OFFSET distance and Press Enter
  3. Select object to OFFSET
  4. Specify a point on side to OFFSET

Learning AutoCAD Basics

The use of the ROTATE command will be required in this exercise, as well as the OFFSET command.

Below you will find diverse dimensions to help the replication of this session’s task.

Figure 1

2d exercise autocad

Figure 2

autocad 2d image


You need to start from the outer part of the object.

tangent in autocad

After getting the above figure done, OFFSET all circles with 10 units inwards, and OFFSET all line with 15 units inwards.

And you should end up here.

offset in autocad

All you need to use the TRIM command and the FILLET command to get all done.

Learn AutoCAD Basics in 21 DAYS