Electronic DIY Voice Control LED Project

We worked on creating a decibel meter using the Arduino board here and how to assemble an audio level indicator. This one is a simple and perfect electronic project for beginners.

Let’s put this voice control LED board together so the LEDs blink every time noise is detected.

Let’s get started.

Here are the elements contained in the set.

electronic components

Apart from the part shown in the image above, we will need a soldering iron and a solder.

The 3 resistors here have different values. To find out which one is which, remember you can use a multimeter if you have one or simply identify them using the image below.


Every component and its value is labeled on the PCB. Simply make sure to put them in right places. Resistors are the smallest element here,  let’s start by soldering them to PCB.

mouted resistor on the board

Solder them and cut out the legs with cutters, do the same to rest of the components if needed.

cutting legs

Then we can solder the transistors and capacitors.

Each of the capacitors has different value but you can find the value on the side of it. It’s important to remember about the polarities when connecting electrolytic capacitors as well as transistors. Make sure to connect them the right way.

circuit board with components

There are the 5 LED’s we need to solder to the PCB.

led mounted on the circuit board

Now, the part that will help sense music – a microphone.

The positive pin is not labeled on the microphone but we can easily recognize it.

The negative pin of the microphone is connected to its case.

As you can see in the image below + is the left leg and – is the right leg of the microphone.


Put it in place, solder and cut out legs.

At the end just solder the connector we will use to connect power to the board.

completed board diy

Here is the bottom side of PCB.

circuit board

To power this project, I used my lab bench power supply that I set to 3V, that’s the voltage that should be supplied to the board to make it work.


Here is how the whole works.

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