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Learn AutoCAD Basics: DAY 11

by Tutorial45

It is been a long way of solving these AutoCAD challenges. If this is your first time here, I will invite to you check the list of all AutoCAD tutorial series here.

YESTERDAY, we noticed the exercise we were working on was making it too easy to escape the MIRROR command, today, we are coming with one which is meant to make it almost impossible to accomplish without making use of the MIRROR command.

Learning AutoCAD Basics

Figure 1

inclined image autocad

Figure 2

rotation autocad

Figure 3

The two red lines are both axes of symmetry of the object.

autocad 2d exercise

Figure 4

Details about the object inside the ellipse.

2d autocad challenge

Figure 5

2d autocad challenge


The ELLIPSE command in AutoCAD

We will need to use the ELLIPSE command in this session.

ellipse icon autocad

To use the ELLIPSE command

  1. Click on the ELLIPSE icon
  2. Specify the center of the ellipse
  3. Move the cursor in the direction of the first axis, type its value and press Enter
  4. Type the value of the second axis and press Enter

The Polar tracking

For this experiment, we will make use of POLAR TRACKING. Activating the following mode of the POLAR TRACKING will contribute to ease our task.

tracking setting autocad

Creating the Ellipse

The ellipse is bent with an angle of 45 degrees.

  1. Activate the ELLIPSE command
  2. Specify the center of the Ellipse
  3. Track 45 degrees
  4. Type 70.5 and press ENTER
  5. Type 52 and press ENTER

You should have the following.

ellipse autocad

After creating the ellipse all you need to do is find the centerline of the ellipse, OFFSET the ellipse and the line with an OFFSET value of 15.5. The resulting image should look similar to the following.

2d image autocad

Use the TRIM command to obtain the wanted object.

Creating the remaining piece

To create the cross, you need to:

Step 1

Create the following, you can find the length of the red line using the information given earlier.

symetrie autocad

Step 2

Create a mirrored copy of the current object, the line of symmetry should be a line with an inclination angle of 45 degrees starting from the left end of the drawing.

2d image

Step 3

Create a vertical line that will serve as the new line of symmetry. The new line must have an end common with the center of the newly created circle.

2d autocad exercise

You don’t have to select the highlighted circle while you use the MIRROR command.

After obtaining the figure we have just obtained, you can use the same trick to get the other part of the image. And that will be it. Combining both structures should not be an issue.

Learn AutoCAD Basics in 21 DAYS

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