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Learn AutoCAD Basics: DAY 12

by Tutorial45

All here is a déjà-vu. In the last session, we’ve learned how to use the ELLIPSE command in AutoCAD, in this session we are coming back with an even easier ellipse.

BUT, but now, the focus will be made on something totally different.

in Learn-AutoCAD-DAY-6, we have worked with the ARRAY command for the first time. Today you will need that command line more than EVER. And it is compulsory to have mastered it before trying the coming exercise.

Learning AutoCAD Basics

NOTE: Element in the array are equally spaced around the ellipse.

Figure 1

Path array autocad

Figure 2

In the following image, the red line represents the PATH of the array. It resulted in an OFFSET of 5 units from the outer ellipse. You can check how you can construct such an ARRAY here.

autocad 2d exercises

More details about the star

start in autocad

Objects in the array

The object in the array is nothing but the following

2d exercise

You can find the dimension of the circles on the first image above.


The only thing that might be hard to accomplish here is the array. There is nothing like ARRAYELLIPSE in AutoCAD, what you need to do to create this array is using the ARRAYPATH.

To use the ARRAYPATH command using an ELLIPSE, you need to cut the ellipse into two and use the ARRAYPATH on each of the sides, that is it.

We would like to let you fight with it and figure it out yourself, using the information we provided above.

Feel free to drop your opinion and concern in the comment section below.

Learn AutoCAD Basics in 21 DAYS

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