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Learn AutoCAD Basics: DAY 21

by Tutorial45

We’ve hit the last DAY of the series, and we hope we have provided you with some insight and that those helped you gain more confidence working with AutoCAD.

In this session, we will rush a little bit, and learn a few things you need to learn before closing.

Things we are going to be pushing forward in the following lines are

All will be covered just from the basics point of view, but the most important will be covered.

Learning AutoCAD Basics

Annotation in AutoCAD

The following drop-down menu will help accomplish annotation in AutoCAD. Here is an article where I went through the steps of annotating a project using AutoCAD.




This can also be reached from the HOME tab. Just try it out. It also provides you with the necessary degree of control on the style, the size, and the font of the text you create.


Working with Layers in AutoCAD

The following image will serve as an exercise.


This is nothing but the image we worked on DAY 19, Now the task will be to create 5 Layers, and place each of the parts of this project in, each on a separate layer.

Layer 1: the Object itself
Layer 2: The Dashed lines
Layer 3: The centerline
Layer 4: HATCH pattern
Layer 5: Annotations

Your layer properties manager window should look somewhat like the following.


Learn more about creating LAYERS in AutoCAD.

And that is all. I wish you success and see you around.

Learn AutoCAD Basics in 21 DAYS

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