10 Things You Can Make With A 3D Printer You Probably Didn’t Know About 

In the modern world, the phrase “I printed a body part” doesn’t sound crazy anymore. Thanks to the new technologies, anything that seemed impossible 10 years ago is becoming normal. The 3D printers are changing the world by allowing us to create things we could only draw on paper or build using too much energy and money. These technologies are evolving each day, giving humanity new possibilities and improving our way of life. Below are 10 things you can make with a 3D printer that can really surprise you.

The List


Can a robot replace a gourmet chef? What you’ve seen on the Star Trek series is slowly becoming a reality. A machine can “replicate” several munchies that you can find in your local fast food restaurant. At the moment, a 3D printer can easily create a tasty hamburger and pizza.

While today this equipment is rather expensive, in the future it might become a standard kitchen appliance. Just imagine how much easier it would be to load the ingredients and leave the machine to do its job instead of spending hours in front of the stove or wasting money on delivery. Now the 3D creations don’t look as aesthetically pleasing as the food made by human hands but with time, this is bound to improve.


In the same manner as with pizza, 3D printers are learning how to make the sweets. Chocolate bars from the local store can become a thing of the past if you manage to get one of these printers in your kitchen. Anytime you feel like getting a chocolate, you just have to press a button.

While it might seem that using such serious equipment to make chocolates is a waste of energy, in the future it may change. Small 3D printers can be installed at restaurant tables. This way you wouldn’t have to wait for the waiter to bring you a meal. All you would do is choose from the available menu and wait for the smart printer to do the job.


Would you like to live in a 3D printed house? Such houses look so futuristic and the demand for them is bound to be on the rise. While it might take some time to create such a house, the results are impressive. These houses have already been built in China. They go as far up as five stories. The five-story building in China cost the creators about $160,000. Can you see how the 3D house building can change the way you pay the mortgage?

At the moment, most of the things created with 3D printers are rather small. However, the projects are getting bigger and bigger. If such a house proves itself reliable and useful, the whole construction industry might go through impressive changes. Living in a house built by a 3D printer might be much more exciting than renting an apartment in a building created in an old-fashioned way.

Shoes and Clothing

Going to the store or ordering a dress online is becoming outdated. The new twist in the ever-changing fashion world is 3D-printed clothing. 3D printers make great fabrics that can be used to create clothing and change the textile industry altogether. They can use information about your body to create clothing that fits you perfectly. Forget about threads and needles, the clothing comes out ready to wear.

The same thing is true for shoes. In fact, buying shoes that fit perfectly is a problem for millions of people around the world. While in the past, it was solved by the cobblers creating custom-made shoes, today the same job is done by a machine. If you are a fan of special snickers design, such as flashing lights, the 3D printer can make your dream come true.


Making musical instruments have always been a delicate job. Today, a 3D printer easily creates various parts to make them. Different printers already created a flute, a violin, and a guitar. While the instruments made by 3D printers don’t have the appearance we are used to, they are trying to become as close to it as possible. The current problem with these instruments is the sound. It’s not as perfect as the regular instruments make. However, this might improve very soon.

In the future, thanks to the 3D printers, the way we look at the musical instruments is bound to change. The classic-looking violins and guitars will become a thing of the past. Meanwhile, buying a guitar is not going to be a costly endeavor anymore. The 3D printing can make a revolution in the musical instrument industry by cutting the cost of the products.


The first car created by the 3D printer was Urbee 2. It’s very well suited to drive within the city limits but might be a hassle on the highway due to a small 23 HP engine. The best part about the 3D-printed car is its cost and energy efficiency. It will take the engineers some time to create a 3D car, which can comply with all the codes, but the first and the hardest step has already been made.

Meanwhile, the body shops can take advantage of the 3D printers to create spare parts. Finding a spare part for a vintage vehicle can be a real hassle. A 3D printer can solve the problem in a flash. Car repair shops and spare part vendors all over the world are investing money in the 3D printing technologies.

3D Printer

The 3D technologies have gone full circle. Now 3D printers can replicate themselves. You can make as many 3D printers as you wish so they can create all types of amazing products. In fact, right now a free software is available to help you do just that. By buying one of these printers, you can make enough for every room in your house and for each one of your friends.

Of course, all 3D printers are different and the ones you can print now are not as advanced as those used to create houses or cars. However, with time, we are bound to get an opportunity to buy one of the most sophisticated products for home use.


The medicine can benefit greatly from 3D printers. New prosthetic hands and other ”spare” body parts can be created to suit anyone in need. The best part about 3D printing is that it makes the products that suit each patient personally. The lengthy process of fitting can be avoided. Various implants can also be printed on a 3D printer. The 3D printed prosthetic and artificial limb printing is already in big demand thanks to the low costs.

Besides the prosthetics, the U.S. scientists managed to use the 3D printer to create body parts, such as ears, skin, bones, and even blood vessels. They use special gel substance made from the human cells. In the future, the doctors might be able to give the patients a new body created by the 3D printer.

Human Masks

While 3D printers are already being used to make human masks for various medical purposes, an average user can enjoy making Halloween masks. Besides coming up with funny and scary masks, you can design a cool-looking superhero mask.

Scientists can use these mask-printing abilities to recreate the way dead people used to look. By studying the DNA and offering the 3D printer the sufficient materials, it’s possible to fully recreate the face of a person, who’s long gone.

If there is a sample of the person’s DNA, we can find out what he or she looked like. Several years ago, scientists recreated the face of the ancient pharaoh Tut, whose mummified body provided them with a sample.


While such serious things as cars, houses, and body parts seem to be far away for most of us, such cool equipment as a surfboard is much closer to home. In fact, 3D printers can be used to make simple projects, such as surfboards, bikes, and etc.

Thanks to the 3D printer, you can create a unique surfboard. While it won’t look just as the regular surfboards do, it can easily serve the same function. This is a project you can easily take up at home.

3D printers can let your imagination run wild. The variety of objects that you can print out is impressive and the possibilities are endless. Having such a powerful tool in your hands can completely change your life. Meanwhile, the new options are changing the way we view many industries, including construction and medicine. The 3D printer is capable of creating cheap and reliable products to make our lives easier and more exciting.

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