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3D Intersection in AutoCAD

by Tutorial45

This command is the least used one of these 3 commands (UNION, SUBTRACT, INTERSECTION) but it shares the same properties and requirements with the others.

This command will help you have an object resulting from the intersecting area/volume of two surfaces/solids.

intersection command in AutoCAD

To use the INTERSECT command in AutoCAD

  1. Type INTERSECT and press ENTER
  2. Select objects and press ENTER

Let’s reconsider a circle and a rectangle.

circle and rectangle autocad

Let’s position them in a way they overlap. Applying the INTERSECT command will result in the image in red.

intersection image autocad

Here is a 3D image resulting from this command. The object in blue is the intersecting volume to the two overlapping spheres.

On the left: two overlapping sphere
On the right: Intersecting volume

intersect autocad

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