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AutoCAD Tutorial 09: AutoCAD mouse Shortcuts

by Tutorial45

Computer mice are very important when it comes to using AutoCAD, and you should understand by the present sentence that it will be practically impossible to use AutoCAD without making use of a computer mouse. It has become common to see CAD drafters handle soft work nowadays on laptops, and chances are you are going to be operating your AutoCAD on a laptop as well. What you need to know is, you need a mouse. You will simply not be able to use AutoCAD using the track-pad.

I will advise finding a 3 buttons mouse (left button, right button and scroll wheel) to start with. Later on, you can find a more sophisticated mouse with perhaps programmable buttons.

AutoCAD and the computer mouse

computer mouse

The scroll wheel is one if not the most important added button that will be of great help while using AutoCAD. The following 2 basics movements will save you from a lot of headaches.

Scroll up and down

Scroll up to zoom out and scroll down to zoom in.

You can also do this by using appropriate commands. Let’s see how much using this helps.

If we were to use the zoom in and zoom out not using the mouse, we will have to click on the navigation bar to select the command related to that action.

navigation autocad
zoom autocad

Press and hold the scroll wheel, then drag

Click and drag will help you panning. Acting as a shortcut for the Pan command.

To Pan in AutoCAD, Press and hold the scroll wheel, and drag. Some computer mice like the CadMouse (Recommended read: best CAD mouse) comes with a center button (Center click) that allow Panning without having to press the scroll wheel. The latter can be beneficial since it will require less effort to pan and there won’t be any risk of Zooming in and out while panning.


There is no need to remind you that the right and left buttons play the same role as it would in other software.

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