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AutoCAD Tutorial 21: Dimension Style in AutoCAD

by Tutorial45

The Dimension Style in AutoCAD will help you adjust the size of the text and dimension to the size of your project. Here is a quick overview of how to use this feature in AutoCAD.

It is almost always the case to have the dimension style disproportional to the scale of the project you are working on, making it necessary to know how to tweak the Dimension-text scale and often the other parameters like the offset distance of the text from the dimension lines, the scale of the arrowheads and others.

AutoCAD Dimension Style in AutoCAD

To change the parameters of your Dimensions, You can use the command line: DIMSTYLE.

dimention style windows

If you type DIMSTYLE and Press ENTER you will have the immediate access to the Dimension Style Manager shown below

dimension style manager

You can decide to create a completely new style, or just to Modify the default one. We will focus on a few modifications you can make and how each influences the drawing.

Talking about having invisible text on your dimension, On the Text Tab, you can change the height, the text style, the text color and more.

If your text is too big or too small compared to the dimensions of your drawings, you might want to tweak its height for it to fit appropriately in your project.

modify dimension style

Most time, you will also want to change the Offset from dim line, which is how far the dimension will be from the dim line.

2d exercises

On the first image above, you can notice how inappropriate the text is, increasing the value of the offset from the dim line allow to push the text upward as shown on the second image.

Symbols and arrows style in AutoCAD

The Symbols and Arrows tab looks as on the image below

modify dimension style autocad

You can play with the style of the arrowheads, and their size.

2d exercises autocad

This tab gives control over the size of the arrowheads as well.

dimension style example

Line Style

This tab could also be a lot helpful.

offset option dimension autocad

Here you can change the extension lines offset from the origin.

dimension offset autocad


This tab allows to set the precision of the value of your dimensions, you can decide to have only one decimal digit,  more or no decimal digit at all. You can also round off your dimensions.

For those who would also like to change the decimal separator, you can do this too.

modify dimension style autocad

Of course, there are way more options than what we have described in this post. feel free to explore them, change them and see how they affect the dimensions on your project.

Some industry has a standard of how much dimensions should weight relative to the overall scale of the project, you might want to check them out to be sure about how good to set yours.

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