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Download Free CAD Files

by Tutorial45

Here are the CAD files of the series of Learning-AutoCAD-Basics in 21 days.

Caution: The following images might not contain all the information needed to let you replicate these exercises. If you would rather like to learn how to step by step replicate these exercises, you have to check the series of posts titled: Learn AutoCAD.

You can download the CAD file corresponding to each image using the link located below the image. All these files are in DWG format. Any DWG compatible CAD software will let you open, read and edit these files. The Exercises were created using AutoCAD 2015. (Download AutoCAD full version)

Download Free CAD files

File 2

2d image autocad

Download link: Free-cad-files-2

File 3

learn autocad

Download link: Free-cad-files-3

File 4

bending 2d exercise

Download link: Free-cad-files-4

File 5

wrench autocad exercise

Download link: Free-cad-files-5

File 6

array autocad

Download link: Free-cad-files-6

File 7

circle and offselt autocad

Download link: Free-cad-files-7

File 8

circle autocad multiple 2d

Download link: Free-cad-files-8

File 9

chanfer autocad

Download link: Free-cad-files-9

File 10

symetric autocad


File 11

learn autocad and download image


File 12

autocad 2d image


File 13

2d image


File 14

practice autocad 2d image


File 15

2d figure


File 16

autocad 2d image


File 17

autocad 2d exercise


File 18

download autocad 3D images


File 19

autocad 2d image


File 20

autocad challenge


File 21

pipe autocad


File 22

3d image autocad


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