AutoCAD Tutorial 7.2: Extend Command in AutoCAD

The EXTEND command is a command that few beginners will ever make use of. There are many other ways to accomplish what this command does without using it (At least as a beginner). Nevertheless, let’s explore this command and see in what case it might be a savior.


This command is the sister command of the TRIM command, but not as used as the later is.

Here is where to find this command.

extend command autocad

A few of the cases where this command is helpful are the following.

Let suppose being in the following position. We need to extend the line for it to meet the vertical bar, but we do not know the angle it makes with the horizontal. If not because of the Extend command, it will require a lot of effort to have this right.

Extend image autocad

Using the Extend command, we can easily extend the line and get the following.

final extend image autocad

And there you have it.

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