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Parallel Lines and Shortcuts: Polyline vs Line

by Tutorial45

The LINE command and the PLINE command in AutoCAD are used exactly with the same steps. Consequently, it is hard for a CAD beginner to fully grasp the need to ever use one to the detriment of the other.

In this post, we will look into a very basic example where the use of the PLINE is preferable, all this for the simple reason that you need to start using commands taking into account the final aspect of the project you are working on and using the shortest way as often as possible.

Let’s use the following image, the initial object being on the left and the final object being on the right.

PLINE vs LINE in autocad

As you can see, we need to OFFSET the outer object with a specific length to get the inner object.

Polyline vs Line

Using the LINE command

Step 1

If you are using the LINE command, the first step will be to get the following object created.

line autocad

Step 2

Then you will need to OFFSET each side of the object, which will give you the following

using line command in autocad

Step 3

And lastly, you will have to TRIM unwanted ends to end up with the final product.

2d autocad exercise

Using the PLINE command

Step 1

Using the PLINE command will take you the same time and effort as it did using the LINE command to create the following

2d exercise autocad

Step 2

And the simple action to take next is to use the OFFSET command

2d Autocad image

And the Good part about this is that you will use the OFFSET command only once to created the inner image.

The second method is way quicker than the first method. Here is one of the few AutoCAD tips you will want to make use of frequently to train this habit.

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