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3D Design Project for Beginners – A Table

by Tutorial45

With what we have worked on last time, this should be just a piece of cake.

Here is a table to go with the stool we modeled last time.

The table is a combination of two big pieces using the puzzle-joint-technique, and looking at it with the designer eye, it is just a bunch of blocks put together in a way to form a table.

Let’s dive into it.

CAD project Specifications

Here are the dimensions to go with the image above.


It is easier to model from the bottom-down meaning you need to design the top of the table in 2D and use the second image to help you have information about the length of the extrusion of different objects you modeled in 2D.

Last, you need to assemble the whole.

3D Projects (Good 3D practice exercises)

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