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Create an Array Around ELLIPSE in AutoCAD

by Tutorial45

We highly suggest that you learn how to use the ARRAY command in AutoCAD before trying this one. Understanding the ARRAY command and its limits is crucial here.

We had a fast talk about creating an Array around an ellipse in the following posts

Let’s say we have the following image to create using AutoCAD, let’s see how we can actually get this done using the ARRAY command.


Array around ELLIPSE in AutoCAD

To be able to achieve such an image in AutoCAD, you will need to

Step 1

Create the ellipse and the reference object


Step 2

Divide the ellipse into 2


Step 3

Use the Path Array to create the array around the arc and make sure to distribute items evenly along the length of the path.


Step 4

Bring back the second part of the Ellipse


Step 5

Use the MIRROR command to replicate the upper part on the downside.


This AutoCAD tip is helpful, but if by any chance the upper part is no more symmetric to down part, these tips won’t be useful anymore. Something else must be found.

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