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Draftsight vs. AutoCAD

by Tutorial45

Draftsight has made a name for itself as a popular alternative to AutoCAD. However, it is critical to compare these two options with each other. You might find in this comparison that Draftsight just might the best AutoCAD alternative around. In fact, Draftsight is mostly free to use with only the more advanced and complicated features being the ones that you would have to pay extra money to use. This should give you control over your design projects while making everything you have to work with as easy to control and use as demanded within your workplace.

Draftsight vs AutoCAD

AutoCAD and Draftsight both have a number of things that make them alike:

  • The interfaces that these two programs use are rather identical. They can be adjusted as needed and display numerous control schemes.
  • Commands for programs and projects work in almost the same way.
  • Both programs will read DWF, DWG and DXF files among other commonplace display files. Users can also create a file on one program and then import it onto another with no data being lost.
  • Both programs are ideal for use in the construction and mechanical sectors.
  • Items can be illustrated in groups. You can divide individual objects into separate groups so the measurements of one section will not clash with what’s used elsewhere.

The two programs are designed to work on most operating systems and have been arranged to look similar. In fact, Draftsight is the most identical program to use based on AutoCAD alternatives and how they compare with one another.

Few reasons why Draftsight can be a Better Alternative?

While AutoCAD is a prominent CAD program, Draftsight has many features that make it more appealing:

  • A one-button print and other simple macros can be run on Draftsight.
  • The Cartesian system makes the design and drawing process easy to follow. It works with a graph that keeps all measurements as accurate as possible while drafting new files.
  • Draftsight supports more file formats. It can support JPEG, GIF and TIFF files and
  • Draftsight loads quickly and efficiently. It has a smaller footprint than what AutoCAD uses, thus keeping the system from having to spend too much time waiting for files to load.
  • The VerifyStandards command can be applied to check your program and its entry features versus the standards you want your project to fit in with. These include industry standards plus anything you might have customized.

Of course, Draftsight does have a few features that can only be accessed if you have a paid version to work with. However, the free version will be just fine if you have only a few basic needs to work with. The advanced features that you will have to pay extra for include the following:

  • The ability to run applications through LISP, C++ and VBA codes will cost extra. These codes can handle your design projects through coding features found within Draftsight to make it easier to handle.
  • Layer previews and PDF underlays to make the program easier to use also cost more.
  • The DrawCompare tool, which allows the user to compare different objects during the drawing process, will also cost extra to access.
  • Network licenses may also be available if necessary. This allows the program to go across the whole organization as needed. This may also be paired with accessibility controls to keep unauthorized parties from getting into the wrong spaces around the site.

The advanced features are designed with professional industry use in mind. These are the only features that cost extra; it would cost $250 per license to use this with a five-seat minimum for ordering the system. This is a popular system that is affordable for many businesses and will give more users in the workplace access to all sorts of different controls.

Final Thought

While AutoCAD has long been one of the best tools to use when getting different computer-aided design functions prepared the right way, Draftsight is a great evolution in terms of what it allows you to do. Draftsight allows users to take care of many design functions for free. This is an impressive program that works well for those who are trying to get different programs ready for use and to get their setups ready with care.

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