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Learn AutoCAD Basics: DAY 6

by Tutorial45

In this session, we will be challenging ourselves to learn how to use the ARRAYS command in AutoCAD. Today’s assignment has been perfectly crafted to help you do exactly that. It is to be noted that all slots are equally spaced around the circles.

Feel free to visit the post where we practiced and talked about the use of the ARRAY command in AutoCAD.

Learning AutoCAD Basics

There is not much to be done in this one but the proper use of the ARRAY command. All you will need is to have mastered the TRIM command, the LINE command, the FILLET command and the CIRCLE command.

Below we have split annotations in different figures to avoid having a bushy image. Combine all information available on the figures if you want to accurately replicate today’s exercise.

Figure 1

2d exercise

Figure 2

dimension autocad

Figure 3

The piece in the center of the exercise.

circle autocad


The following image might be helpful to you to have a good start

annotation autocad

After proper TRIMMING, you will be left with the following

autocad exercise

At this point, all you need to do is to use the FILLET command to round edges and create objects that are in the center of the figure.

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