Learn AutoCAD Basics: DAY 3

The following exercise forces us to use the TRIM and the CIRCLE command in AutoCAD.

You might benefit from learning how to use these commands beforehand.



In the previous session, we learned how to use the LINE command. Those techniques will help you a great deal here.

Learning AutoCAD Basics

Here is the rough image you should strive to reproduce.


Two circles and two Rectangles.

What is the easiest way to get to this?

  1. Create the big rectangle using the LINE command
  2. Use the Center on the top side of the triangle to create the two circles.

For step 2, you need to turn the Midpoint ON if you want to be able to find the center of that segment while creating the circle.

Here is how to do it (right-click on 1 and tick 2)


Now, you should be at the following point


Trim the big circle and Erase the top side of the rectangle


Now, all we need to do is create a small Rectangle. Given the dimensions above, if we consider that the left corner of the figure is at the point of coordinates (0,0), we need to start the small rectangle at the point of coordinates (10,15)

What we will do.

  1. Move the UCS to the left-down corner of the figure.
  2. Start the line at the point (10,15)

How to move the UCS to the left-down corner of the figure

  1. Type UCS
  2. Select the point
  3. Move the cursor in the x-direction and click
  4. Move the cursor in the y-direction and click

This is what you are supposed to get


Notice the UCS


Now, you can quickly start the line at the point (10,15) and create the small rectangle.



If you are confused about this, leave a comment below, and I will have no problem explaining it further.

Learn AutoCAD Basics in 21 DAYS

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  1. Hello.. I had the same problem with the circle.. and now that I´ve tried this explanation I se that point A in the picture above is not 90° on my drawing. Is it not meant to be 90°? where can be a misstake if it´s not 90°?

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