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Learn AutoCAD Basics: DAY 8

by Tutorial45

In this challenge, we keep on using the basic AutoCAD commands and focus more on how to combine their use to accomplish a specific task.

Learning AutoCAD Basics

The following are the images we are going to be using today.

Figure 1


Figure 2



Start by creating the following.


The first object you should create is the red circle. Then make sure the QUADRANT mode is activated in the Object snap settings, this will help you snap the center of those big circles at the point A.


(Right-click on 1 and tick 2)

After proper trimming, you should end up with the following image


Use the OFFSET command on the red part to obtain the following. OFFSET distance = 12.5 units


Draw a line from the two openings of the object, and create a circle using the middle point B of the line you have just created. (Another way you can achieve this is to create a circle using the 2-points method of the CIRCLE command. The method is shown here)


We have not talked about the small circles 30 and 60 degrees away from the vertical. Using techniques we have used to create objects in previous DAYS, those should not be a problem.

Learn AutoCAD Basics in 21 DAYS

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