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SolidWorks Tutorial: Extrude

by Tutorial45

One the first command one should learn while designing with Solidworks is the Extrude Boss/Base command which is one of the most useful tools you will have to learn no matter the CAD software you use for your designing projects.

This feature contains various sub-options like blind, up to a surface, up to vertex, offset from a surface, up to body and mid-plane.

Let’s use the example below to play with the Extrude command in Solidworks

Solidworks Extrude command

solidworks sweep tutorial

Solidworks EXTRUDE

Step 1

First, Create a New Part.

solidworks sweep tutorial

Step 2

Select the desired plane, click on the Top plane and select sketch

solidworks sweep tutorial

Step 3

Make a rectangle with the origin of the sketch as the origin of the rectangle, click on smart dimension and give 150 mm for length and 80 mm for width.

solidworks sweep tutorial

Step 4

Go to the feature tab (you can also go to Solidworks Insert Menu). From the drag drop down menu, select the Bose/Base, Then a side drop down menu will appear, select Extrude and give 15 mm of thickness, set the end point to Blind. The end condition can be thought of as the parameter or rule that causes the extrusion to stop.

solidworks sweep tutorial

Step 5

Click on highlighted area and then select sketch

solidworks sweep tutorial

Step 6

Click on the Line command and then create a triangle as the image below shows.

solidworks sweep tutorial

Step 7

Go to the feature tab and select Extrude Boss/Base. Change the sketch plane to offset, then change direction and give 10 mm offset. With the From option, you can set the place you want to start extrusion. You can set this by setting it to Plane, Surface, Face, Vertex and Offset.

solidworks sweep tutorial

Step 8

Draw two rectangles on the top surface and give dimensions same as on the picture below.

solidworks sweep tutorial

Step 9

Go (once more) to the feature tab and select extrude Boss/Base, Change the draft size to 10 degrees. There is also an option with the Draft outward to change the direction of the draft. The draft is used to create the tapered face using angles. You can also select the needful contours to create 3d parts.

solidworks sweep tutorial

Step 10

Click on the right surface and select sketch.

solidworks sweep tutorial

Step 11

Then draw a rectangle with the size 30 mm x 25 mm.

solidworks sweep tutorial

Step 12

Beside the Direction 1 and Direction 2, there’s also a Thin Feature option with which you can create a Thin Extrude. You can use this option to change the thickness of the extrusion edge.

solidworks sweep tutorial

Step 13

Make another sketch on the Front plane and give the dimensions as on the image below.

solidworks sweep tutorial

Step 14

Then select extrude Boss/Base from the Feature tab. This time, I am not going to use dimensions. Change to Surface/Face/Plane and select the face number 2 (Green Face) then change the direction 1 to Up to Surface then select Face 3 (Purple Face).

I have unchecked the option for Merge result, therefore the new extrusion will not be merged to the rectangular base and will become its own body. This technique is used in advanced modeling to control parameters in a more freeway.

solidworks sweep tutorial

I hope you have learned the basics of using the EXTRUDE command in Solidworks. Go ahead, use your imagination and create wonders using this command while we are at it, practice makes perfect.

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