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Solidworks Tutorial: How to Draw a Coke Bottle

by Tutorial45

In this tutorial, we are going to use various commands such as Extrude, Loft, Sweep cut, Revolve, Projected Line, Fillet and etc to create a coke bottle in Solidworks.

Without further delay, let’s dive into the tutorial

How to draw a coke bottle using Solidworks

Step 1

As we are used to, start with the following.

start window solidworks

Step 2

We need to select the desired plane. click on the front plane and click on Sketch.

solidwork tutorial plane

Step 3

Draw a picture using the reference below. Use Lines and 3 points ARC.


Step 4

Use the Revolved Base command to revolve the sketch around its center line.

solidworks line sketch

Step 5

Create a new sketch on the right plane and draw a sketch similar to the one on the picture that follows.

solidworks right plane

Step 6

Click on Extrude Cut, select the sketch and activate the second direction. Then select Through All for both directions. After clicking on okay, a message will pop up and ask about “bodies to keep”, Select all bodies.

solidworks extrude cut

Step 7

Now we are going to repeat step 5 and step 6 again. Create another sketch on

Create another sketch on the right plane and create a sketch as shown below. Next, use the Extrude Cut, activate the second direction and select Through All for both directions to remove the body.

solidworks tutorial

Step 8

Now, create a new sketch on top of the bottle and draw a circle with 61 mm of diameter.

solidworks create a circle

Step 9

We want to project the circle we’ve created in step 8 on the highlighted area. First, go to Insert > Curves > Projected Curve, select the circle for the sketch to project and  select the highlighted area for projecting the faces.

solidworks curve projection

Step 10

We need to repeat step-9 for the bottom face.

solidworks tutorial

Step 11

In this step, we are going to create a guide line on the front plane. So, go ahead and create a new sketch on the front plane and draw two curves with each a radius of 76 mm.

solidworks guide

Step 12

We need two more guide lines; this time create a new sketch on the right plane and draw two curves with radius of 110 mm

solidworks sketch

Step 13

Select LOFT, the top and bottom faces and most importantly, select the 4 guide lines we’ve created in step 11 and step 12.

solidworks profile

Step 14

Now, we are going to create another guide line for a new plane.

solidworks guide

Step 15

To create a new plane, go to Insert >> Reference Geometry >> Plane

solidworks plane

Step 16

Now create a new sketch on the plane we’ve created in the previous step. And create a sketch similar to the one shown below.

solidwork sketch

Step 17

Create another sketch on the right plane and draw guide line Like I am doing below.

solidworks line guide

Step 18

Now, use Sweep Cut to remove the sketch formed by the added body. First select the profile that we’ve created on the new plane, select the guide line and click on Okay.

solidworks sweep cut

Step 19

Use the Fillet command to give a 4 mm fillet to the highlighted edges.

solidworks fillet

Step 20

Now we want to use Circular Pattern.

Go to Insert >> Pattern/Mirror >> Circular Pattern. The Circular pattern needs an axis of revolution which is the center of our base but we cannot see it. So, to activate the axis, Choose VIEW at the top and select “temporary axis”. For

For the pattern axis, select the temporary axis and select Fillet and Sweep Cut as features to the pattern.

solidwork mirror

Step 21

Now, we are going to use the Shell command to hollow the bottle. First, go to Insert >> Features >> Shell. Then select the top of the bottle as the area that should be removed and enter 0.6 mm to denote the thickness.

solidworks tutorial

Step 22

Create a new sketch on the right plane and create a sketch as we did in previous steps, use the Revolve command to obtain the following.

solidworks revolvve

And you should end up with the following.

solidworks bottle

It is obviously a lot put in a session if you are using this tutorial as an absolute beginner. I hope you can go ahead a create a similar structure with no hassle from this point forward.

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