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SolidWorks Tutorial: SWEEP

by Tutorial45

SWEEP is the one feature in Solidworks that helps sweep a closed profile along a closed or open path. In this session, we are going to use a simple 3D object as an exercise to demonstrate the use of the SWEEP command in Solidworks.

Let’s right dive into it.

Solidworks SWEEP


Step 1

Create a New Part

solidwork starting a project

Step 2

We need to select the desired plane. Click on the Top Plane and select Sketch

solidwork planes

Step 3

Make a circle with the origin of the sketch as the origin of the circle and click on Smart Dimension. Enter 50 mm to specify the diameter of the circle.

solidworks create a plane

Step 4

Click on the Top Plane, go to features, select Reference Geometry and select Plane

solidworks planes

Step 5

Select the Top Plane to indicate the first Reference and enter 70 mm

solidworks extrusion

Step 6

After creating plane1, draw a circle with 70 mm as diameter.

solidworks circle

Step 7

Use the LOFT command to come out with the following image.

solidworks loft

Step 8

Now, we are going to create a Path for the Sweep Extrude command. Select the Front Plane,  select Sketch and use the Spline command to draw a Spline as shown on the image below. Thi will serve as a trajectory or path to the SWEEP command.

solidworks front plane

Step 9

Create another plane but this time, consider the Right Plane as the first reference and the point at the end of the path as the second reference to create a new plane. The path can be open or closed, a set of sketched curves contained in one sketch, a curve, or a set of model edges

solidworks sweep

Step 10

Create a sketch on the Plane2, use CenterPoint Straight Slot command to create a profile for sweeping and give the same dimensions as marked on the image below. The profile must be closed for a base or boss sweep feature.

solidworks sweep

Step 11

If you were to create a spring model, a complex hollow pipe, an air conditioning duct, a curved rod, tubes and twisted parts, this command will be almost inescapable.

To put the final touch to our session, click on Sweep Boss/Base and select the profile and the path following the demo below.

solidworks sweep

Step 12

Create a sketch on the highlighted surface and draw a circle of 60 mm of diameter.

solidworks smart dimension

Step 13

Use the Extrude Cut command, give 65 mm and 6 degrees to the depth of the cut and draft the angle accordingly.

solidworks extrude cut

Without exaggeration, this command can be placed amongst the 10 most used commands in Solidworks making it a must-know to anyone looking to model using Solidworks.

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