7 great apps that let you draw on pictures

Image editing tools are becoming more and more popular in today’s ‘social media-centric’ due to the fact that most people are willing to spend extra time retouching photos to be posted on social media platforms. This in turn has spurred a mobile app development industry solely focused on creating photo editing apps as well as apps that support the drawing of objects into digital pictures.

And for those looking to take their photo editing skills to the next level by integrating personal drawings into images, the list in outlined in the following paragraphs will provide you with some insight into the apps you can use to draw ‘doodles’ on your digital photographs. As always, there are set criteria which will be used to review the outlined apps and this criteria include:

  • Features: This criteria discusses the key features of the application such as its ability to carry out edits on imported images, as well as support the drawing of objects, facial features and other items on the imported image.
  • User Experience: This covers the user interface and how easy it is when used for making edits to your images.
  • OS Compatibility: been mobile applications, this criteria discusses the operating system platforms on which the mobile apps on this list can function on.

So here are some of the best apps you can use to edit images on your mobile device:


The Top 7 Apps you can Use for Drawing on Pictures


This image editing app is billed as both a picture taking app with editing features which makes it possible to snap images, make mark ups—that is draw your doodles—and send or post the images to your favorite social media platforms.


  • Features: the features of Skitch are quite diverse in range for the application serves many functions that include: mapping, editing, and image capturing. With Skitch, users can take pictures of an object or import images and draw on these images using its pencil mark-up tool. Users can also select multiple frames to create fun-looking collages of their activities which can be shared on social media platforms.
  • User Experiences: This app is quite easy to use and its learning curve is quite simple. It incorporates a friendly and spacious platform and easy to understand labels for its tools and features which makes it easy for users to draw on pictures.
  • OS Compatibility: Skitch is designed to function on multiple platforms which include OS X, Android and Windows 10.

Scribble Lite

This is a fun app for drawing on photographs, sketching, tracing and sharing images on social media platforms. The applications was made for both sketching and note taking which makes it a great resource for both adults and kids looking for an image editing app to have fun with.


  • Features: The features of Scribble Lite are your basic image drawing features such as the ability to import images and drawing/sketching tools for drawing doodles or making footnotes on original pictures. It also supports the selection of multiple colors and pen sizes when in need of creative diversity.
  • User Experience: Scribble Lite is also quite easy to use and its interface is arranged in well-defined sections and menus which makes it easy to identify the tools you need during your editing process. The app works best on smart devices with stylus pens and it integrates a fun feature which is its ‘shake to erase’ feature.
  • OS Compatibility: The Scribble Lite is available on only the OS X ecosystem which means it works on just iPhones and iPads.


Annotate can be termed as a more advanced photo drawing tool than most of its counterparts due to the extensive editing, drawing and photo enhancing features packed into this versatile app. The application is more of a photo editing tool than a simplistic app for drawing doodles on images.


  • Features: The features of Annotate are quite extensive for it serves both as an image capturing app which uses your camera and a corresponding image editing tool. Users can either take pictures or import images from their photo gallery for editing. As an editing tool, it supports the drawing of images into pictures, the integration of emoji and annotations with text or captions. Users can also share these images on their favorite social media platforms via the application.
  • User Experience: due to its more advanced features and multiple tools, its learning curve is quite steeper than that of the average image editing app but its user interface is quite seamless and fun to tamper with.
  • OS Compatibility: Annotate is compatible on OS X and Android operating systems which makes it compatible with the iPhone, iPad and all Android devices.

You Doodle

According to its creators, Digital Ruby LLC, this app is all one needs to carry out image edits, collage arrangement and the drawing of doodles or images into photographs. Although this claim me be quite lofty, the app is definitely one that provides you with extensive features to help you get work done.


  • Features: the features of You Doodle are rather extensive and they include drawing pens, calligraphy pens, air brushes, color editing tools, multiple filters and effects, as well as a feature that allows you create a moving montage of your image edits. As expected, the edited images can also be shared online on your favorite social media platforms.
  • User Interface: As also expected, its advanced features mean that it has a rather extensive user interface and features which makes its learning curve a bit steep for first time users of the application but with practice and patience, You Doodle becomes fun to use.
  • OS Compatibility: in terms of operating system compatibility, the You Doodle was made to function on the two major operating systems out there, iOS and Android which means iPhones, iPads and Android devices can run the app.

Draw on Pictures

As the name suggests, this application was created to let its users draw both images and texts on pictures imported from your phone’s gallery into its user interface. It also integrates file sharing properties which supports the sharing of files onto social media platforms.


  • Features: the features of this app is not as extensive as that of more advanced image editing software applications but it integrates a drawing tool, tags, effects and support for captions which allows you to get the job done.
  • User Interface: Its simplistic features and sparse tools means learning to use Draw on Pictures is quite easy and for those already familiar with image editing tools, using this app will be a breeze.
  • OS Compatibility: Draw on Picture was developed to be used predominantly on the Android ecosystem but the iOS version is under development which means it will soon be put to use on both iOS and Android devices.


This iOS app was designed to be a simple image editing tool in that it allows its users scribble on photos as well as draw on them. This means with SnapPen, you can add textual content to your images as well as also draw 2 dimensional images into them. Lastly, the app allows the user share edited images on social media platforms.


  • Features: SnapPen’s features are rather limited to scribbling and drawing on images and to do this it integrates the use of a drawing tool and captions which makes it easy to scribble and add effects to images imported into its interface.
  • User Interface: The SnapPen is a cute app and with its cuteness comes a simplistic interface which can be used to carry out its functions. The learning curve of the app is also rather easy which makes the app a good image editing tool for both adults and kids.
  • OS Compatibility: SnapPen is an iOS application which means it runs only on the iPhone and iPad mobile devices and isn’t supported on Android.

Atom Draw

This is a minimalistic drawing app which allows for the drawing and scribbling of both images and texts on images you import into its minimalistic interface. It also supports the sharing of the edited images on social media platforms.


  • Features: its features include drawing, writing and coloring tools. With Atom Draw, you can easily draw 2 dimensional image on images you import into its user interface. It also integrates a share button for sharing these edited images.
  • User Interface: due to its minimalistic nature, the Atom Draw is a simple application that can be easily learnt and used as an app for drawing on pictures by both adults and kids which makes it one to have on your mobile device.
  • OS Compatibility: the Atom Draw is an app that was designed to be used solely on the iOS ecosystem consisting of the iPhone and iPad.

Here we come to the end of the top 7 apps you can make use of when the need to draw or scribble images or texts on an imported image comes up. There are a thousand and one image editing apps out there but this apps were chosen for their simplicity and the extensive features integrated in them but please feel free to add your contributions to this list in the comment box below.


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