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An Easy Beginner 3D Modeling Project

by Tutorial45

Here comes a simple and easy 3D project that is going be the object we will replicate in this post using Thinkercad.

Feel free to use whatever CAD software you may happen to have.

3D project


Here are the detailed 2D representations of the project


Let’s dive into it.

3D project using Tinkercad

Step 1

Get the 2D sketch completed. This surprisingly is the most difficult part of this project.

Start by drawing the following where from the largest to the smallest, radius are respectively R26.27, R22.5, R6 and R2.81.


To do this, Select the R6 circle and click on the properties icon that will appear.


Select the Circular pattern, and select the center point.


Do the same for the small circle too (Note the previous step and this one can be done at once)


Now delete the biggest circle and trim the whole such to have the final image looks like the following


Step 2

Extrude the inner image by 5.63


Select the 3D object, Hide it and delete the 2D sketch


Here is how to make it appear again when you are done with deleting the 2D sketch


Step 3

FILLET with R7.5 such as to have the following


Step 4

Supposing you have learned how to assemble with Tinkercad, create 5 cylinders at stack them one on top of the others such to have the next image. You can find the dimensions of the different cylinders using the information we have at the beginning of this post.

Merge the whole at the end of this step. (all should be one single object)


Step 5

Create a cylinder, place it on the top of the whole.


Step 6

Move it such to have it come out from both ends of the our object


Step 7

Subtract it from the whole and Fillet the down connection of the tube with the flat part to complete the project.


Here you have it.

Feel free to ask for more details if this tutorial is not explicit enough for you to replicate the project.

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