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Modeling With AutoDesk Tinkercad

by Tutorial45

Here is another 3D How-to tutorial that might be of help to improve your skill in 3D CAD Design using AutoDesk Tinkercad

For the sake of simplicity and practicality, we won’t be showing the icons allowing you to perform in each step, assuming you have been following the series of designs with Tinkercad published earlier on here.

Modeling with Autodesk Tinkercad

Step 1

Draw a bow with the following dimension: 30 x 20 x 9


Step 2

FILLET the corners with R6.5 such as to have the following


Step 3

FILLET the bottom edge with R6


Step 4

Create a series of cylinder with the following dimensions: Radius 2 and height 25

Place them like shown below, make sure they overlap with the main object.


Step 5

Subtract those geometries from the main object


Step 6

SHELL the top surface. SHELL distance 0.5


Step 7

Create 5 boxes with 2 x 9 x 10, And place them on a flat gap at the bottom on the soap case.


Step 8

FILLET with R1 such as to have the following


Step 10

Subtract those geometries from the soap case


Step 11

Now let’s alter its contour where the cover will come and sit, to make it able to receive it.


Step 12

Delete the inner shape, and Offset the outer shape with a distance of 0.25 inwards.


Step 13

Extrude the created shape 1mm downwards.


The Geometry will automatically be subtracted from the soap case. Delete the 2D sketches and we are done!


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