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Modeling a Vase With Tinkercad

by Tutorial45

Modeling can be fun when using Thinkercad, and the following practice exercise will help you have an idea about how things are done in Tinkercad which can lead to helping you come out with a really useful project down the line.

If you have been using the LOFT command and the SHELL command in other CAD software, this will look familiar to you.

Here we will model a simple vase, and play around with few 3D modeling command to roughly show what you can use them for.

Modeling a Vase with Tinkercad

Here is an image from AutoDesk which practically shows all we are going to be about today.



Modeling an object like the one above is completely a fun experiment to do

Her is how is it done in Tinkercad.

1. Create a circle


2. Copy the created circle, and paste the copy vertically on the same axis on top repeatedly. (To copy an object, select it, Ctrl+C, Ctlr+V)


3. Scale up some of the circle to give the wanted shape to the vase (To do that, Press S on your keyboard, select the circle to scale, either use the white arrow shown on the image below to scale it or simply type the scale factor in the small box located on the lower side of the window)


4. Use the LOFT command (Start from the circle at the bottom, and move progressively upward while selecting shapes to guide the LOFT)


5. Let’s FILLET the edges of the vase using the FILLET command


6. Let’s use the SHELL command. (Click on SHELL, select the upper face of the vase and indicate the thickness of the SHELL)


7. Here you have it. We can now use an array of spheres intersecting with the vase, and subtract their intersecting shape from the vase.

Create a sphere and make sure it intersects with the vase


Create an array of sphere around the vase


Subtract the spheres from the vase


You can use these same techniques to design the following.


Now go ahead and have fun using these to create some cool designs using Tinkercad.

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