How to Create a 3D Object in AutoCAD

Being able to create in 3D is what actually got me into CAD back in the day. I loved the fact that I can go from nothing but a thought and use the power of CAD to come out with something someone else can actually see from all viewpoints.

While I will not hold myself from saying that AutoCAD is not really the best software out there for 3D creation, I will attempt to show a few basic commands you can use to quickly create a 3D object in AutoCAD.

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How to create a 3D object in AutoCAD

To be able to create a 3D object you should first be able to know what 3D object you want to model. The most basic 3D object as far as I am concerned is a box, which you can design using one click so to say.

To create a 3D box in AutoCAD

  1. Type BOX and hit ENTER
  2. Click in the drawing area to select the center of the BOX
  3. Enter the dimensions of the height, width and length of the box

And you have your 3D object.

Most time, it is preferable to go from 2D sketch to 3D object. If you were to do it, here is how you will go about creating a box in AutoCAD.

  1. Create a rectangle or square
  2. Extrude it

And you have a box, similar to the one created with the first method.

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You can be a beast at this if you are willing to practice enough. Enjoy!

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