19 Wonderful And Weird 3D Printed Pen Holders You Should Have

As 3d printing becomes even more popular in both domestic and commercial circles, the need to keep track of some creative designs for posterity sake as well as to provide printing enthusiasts with 3D printing ideas they can make use of. Therefore, from time to time we will be providing exclusive lists of designs you should consider 3d printing for your personal use or for a friend. Today’s list will be focused on pen holders so stay tuned.

3D printed pen holders

The Dragon fly Pencil Holder

This pencil holder is truly a unique piece that you should consider printing for your personal use. Here, a dragon fly serves as the main attraction and it is flanked by three cannons which serve as the storage space for pens. Download the model here.

Pen Holder Twist

This is a simplistic pen holder that does its job well. Its design is basically a cube with a twisted open end at its top. It provides enough space to store multiple pens. Download the model here.

Pen Holder

A creative take on the pen holder. Its design is made up of a rugged surface with spikes at its end while the holder looks like twisted tree trunks designed to keep your pens. You can get the model here.

The 2-Men Support Pen Holder

Here we have 2 humanoid figures standing on a circular base and holding up another circle which serves as the open end of the holder. This is a simplistic and cool design that will definitely appeal to you. Get the model here.

Pencilpot Monster

The as the name suggests, the pencilpot monster is more of a Halloween piece that the pencil holder you see on most desks. Therefore if you love the bizarre, then this playful monster head will appeal to you. Download the model here.

Wireframe Pencil Skull Holder

Here is another unique but scary piece of art that also serves as a pencil holder. This holder is basically a meshed skull with an opening at the brain for storing your pencils. Get the model here.

The Tree Stump Pen Holder

As the name signifies, the tree stump holder is actually a 3D printed tree stump spotting a hollow middle section designed for the storing of your pens. It may not be that aesthetically pleasing but its significance as an eco-friendly model is definitely creative. Get the model here.

The Telescopic Honeycomb Holder

Using different colour schemes to bring out the uniqueness of this model is recommended. Its design at the base or support end is that of a telescope pod support while the other end is made up of multiple hollowed honeycombs for storing your pen. Get the model here.

Hyperboloid Pen Holder

This hyperboloid pen is a lovely pen holder with enough space to hold 16 pens with ease. It is designed to have a stable base and multiple pen holding sections thereby making it a good accessory for your workspace. Check the model here.

Japanese Samurai Pen Stand with MakerBot Logo

The samurai pen holder as the name connotes, is a holder designed to look like the traditional samurai sword stand. It is actually a solid pen holder with multiple sections to hold approximately 5 pens. Get the model here.

Castle Pen Holder

Are you a fan of the World of Warcraft or any ancient RPG game that involves the building of castles? If yes, then this pen holder will definitely suit you as you will have your own castle holding up your swords—aka your pens. Download the model here.

Pen & Pencil Holder

Sometimes a minimalistic approach to design is what works for some and this pen holder definitely takes its inspiration from the minimalistic movement. The design closely resembles a rather tall sugar bowl with an open top where your pen and pencils would be stored. Get the model here.

The Honey Comb Pen and Pencil Holder

Have you ever seen the design of a Bee’s honeycomb? This pen holder takes its inspiration from honeycombs. In terms of design, it is a very stable piece with multiple honeycombs where you can store your pen and pencils. It has a rather wide base which provides solidity but may take up some space on your desk. Download the model here.

Mom Pen Holder

Looking for the perfect gift for your mum who is either a writer, designer, slugs it out in the corporate world or makes use of pens on a regular basis? Then the mom pen holder should be viewed as a good gift for her. This holder is a simple design and it consists of the word ‘Mom’ brightly printed across its front surface and the pen holding space at the back. Download the model.

Gun Cylinder Pen

The gun cylinder holder as its name shows is an aesthetic piece of art which takes its inspiration from the middle chamber of the average pistol. It is designed exactly like a gun cylinder and the bullet holes serve as the container for your pens and pencils. Get the model here.

Weaved Pen and Pencil Holder

This pen and pencil holder is really quite simple and its design sticks to the basics. This piece looks just like a miniature baby hat which was weaved by grandma. It is a small basket with meshes where you can easily store your pen and pencils. Download the STL files.

Rocket Pencil Extender

Here we have a pen holder that serves two purposes; as a stable base for storing your pencil and as an extension for your pencil. The rocket holder is designed to have a slender cannon which fits a pencil and a clawed base to support it during storage. Download this model here.

Never Surrender Desk Organizer

When in need of a pen holder that helps you get through a crappy work day, this pen holder which comes customized with the phrase ‘never surrender’ written all over it, is just the tool you need. Get this model.

Desktop Organizer

This desktop organizer truly lives up to its name as a beautiful piece for organising your office desk. It comes armed with multiple spaces for storing everything from a pen to your introduction cards, coins and other items. Get this model here.

So here we come to the end of some of the more iconic 3D printed pen holders you can also consider printing for your personal use and otherwise. Do not hesitate to check out the unique designs we have for your viewing pleasure in the other articles we have provided on creative 3D printed objects.

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