Rare 3D Printed Moving Parts You Can Build Now For Free

Once you have chosen a dedicated 3D printer, customized some printing profiles and can now print without going through multiple tutorials, you are now officially at the intermediate level. And we wholeheartedly welcome you and admire your efforts. But now, the real challenge has come up and it involves the question of how far you are willing to go with this newfound skill? For those looking to step things up a notch, printing objects with movable parts are definitely the path to take. In that spirit, here are some cool objects with movable parts we recommend you cut your teeth on for the coming months.

Cool Objects with Moveable Parts to 3D Print

So without any further discussions, here are some items you can 3D print to enhance your abilities:

The Gyroscopic Cube Gears

Anyone interested in self-moving systems would definitely love the gyroscopic cube gear. This is due to the multiple moveable parts you can put in motion by turning the pulley attached to the gyroscope. On viewing the image, it is easy to note its aesthetic beauty as well as the amount of work you will need to put in to develop each component. Irrespective of the effort to be expended, the final model works beautifully as can be seen in the video here. The gyroscopic cube gear is definitely a challenging piece you will be proud to build.

The Walking Pony

Now for the robotic-minded, the walking pony is a mechanism consisting of a pony, duh! And a pulley system which provides it with locomotion. On rotating the pulley handle, the pony actually trots around in one place aided by its support base. This beautiful 3D model makes this list due to its movable components as well as its inclusion of robotics theory. It would definitely be an excellent gift for your nieces and nephews.

Hands for Anny

This creative piece aptly titled hands for Anny, is a basic robotic hand which comes complete with joints and fingers for your personal use. It is not motorized therefore its movement depends on the hand pressure it user applies. Despite its lack of locomotion, it still makes for a great learning experience when printing moveable parts. The originator of this idea intended the robotic hands to be a gift for kids and you can also print yours as unique gifts to kids who will appreciate some of the efforts you put in.

Sphere-O-Bot (eggbot Mod)

Easter will never be the same again if you reproduce this brilliant egg decorating bot for your family’s use. The Sphere-O-Bot is an excellent robot which you can task with decorating all your Easter eggs in a precise fashion. Although the entire project and what consists of its main components can be 3D printed, it is also important to note that some knowledge of electronics is needed to make this work. You will need a microprocessor—preferably Arduino boards—stepper motors and a power source to enable it to carry out the motions required for decorating the egg.

AVA’s Gear Toy 2

This s a beautiful 3D printed toy that comes with a central gear and 6 supporting gears all put together into a circle. As the name suggests, the toy was developed by a father for his daughter Ava. It is something you can test your ability to print moveable parts with due to its simplistic design. Moving the top knobs on any of the gears will get the entire system functioning as one. The designer suggests printing all components separately and ensuring enough lubricant is used when putting the entire structure together.

Fidget Hand Spinner

On first look, the hand spinner closely resembles the bearings of a car’s wheels and just like those; it supports the spinning off other devices clamped to it. It can also serve as a toy for your younger ones interested in the basics of engineering and how machine systems function. Details on what is needed to print the Fidget Spinner can be found on the page. It is recommended that the ball bearings should be developed solely from ceramic for safety reasons.


This 3D printed device is closely related to the vice jaws that can be seen on most woodworking benches. It is basically a tool designed for clamping or holding things in place when the need arises. According to the printing instructions, the entire system is made up of four body parts which must be glued together to ensure maximum functionality. The Vise is not unique to machining and woodworking but it still provides you with great opportunities to test your 3D printing and structural design abilities. It can also serve as a toy for your kids if made from PLA and other plastics.

The PCB Mini Drill

Now, here is a moveable model that will surely test your printing abilities. The PCB drill is a mini drilling device which comes complete with a driving pulley, a drilling head and a base to hold down the object to be drilled. The design is mechanical and it ensures that you use both your 3D printing skills and understanding of mechanical/electrical engineering knowledge to install its motors and gears. The PCB drill is a 3D printing project you must prepare for in other not to waste time and material resources. So it is recommended that you download the digital CAD model, understand how it works before starting your 3D printer.

The Robot Woman

If you think the PCB Mini project might be difficult to execute, then consider the Robotica; a robot woman with multiple degrees of freedom and a deftly executed physiognomy. The Robotic woman will definitely put your abilities to the test as well as push you to your printing limits. It will be a great toy for your personal use or an excellent gift to younger ones.

So here we come to the end of the cool moveable objects intermediate 3D printing enthusiast should consider printing to move to the next level. Although some of these designs or concepts may be difficult to execute, the experience they bestow on you will definitely be worth your while.

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