15 3D Printed Robot Toys You Can Print Today

The reach of 3D printing has cut across various industry verticals and the field of robotics is one the verticals that are currently gaining a whole lot from additive manufacturing. Currently, robotics and artificial intelligence are taking center stage in the IT revolution sweeping the globe and if you are one of those interested in this or would like to teach your kids about robotics, then this article is definitely for you. Here, we provide a list of 15 unique 3D printed robot toys you can print within a 24hour timeline. So stay tuned.

The 3D printed robot List

BeQul Jointed Robot

This unique toy from BeQul is a 16 joint robot which was built to serve as a nice toy for your kid as well as a phone holder for your smart devices. The robot is in humanoid form and has distinct features you would like. Visit the model’s page.

Maker Faire Robot Action Figure

The world needs a new hero and the Maker Faire is just the robot to handle the business. This robot is quite rigid, simplistic and sports a big ‘M’ on its chest like superman. It is definitely a toy your kid will appreciate. Download the model.

The Robot Robov 2

This is a skeletal robot built with multiple units and joints which you can transform into your personal phone holder, pen holder or any other office helper you need? It reminds one of the LEGOs in skeletal form. Download the STL files.

Bad Robot

It is an aesthetically pleasing red robot from the future of space. It comes complete with a wide head spotting receiver antennae and cute robot shoes. It is definitely a beautiful toy that you can proudly present to your kid, niece or nephew on Christmas day. Get the STL files.

Maker Faire Robot Army

Are you interested in building your own toy soldiers who will also double up as your minions? Then these Maker Faire robots are the perfect soldiers to kick start your world domination. Get the model.

Wind Energy Stored in Gravity

This energy-storing machine or robot is definitely a must-have for anyone who believes in green living. The machine is made up of a wind turbine, a storage battery and a generator that gives out the power when the need arises. Download the model.

Robot Girl

Thinking of inviting your kid into the world of robotics and 3D printing? Then look no further than the robot girl with 12 moveable joints as your invitation model for it provides you with all the tools to kick start your lessons. Get the model.

The Jointed Robot

The jointed robot is an aesthetically pleasing toy that anyone will appreciate regardless of their age bracket. It is really a beautiful design that looks quite solid if printed well. Its durability also makes it a good toy for your kids. Get the model here.

The Mark II

Looking for a superhero that your kid can call his own, why not take advantage of the Mark II uniqueness and simplicity which makes it easy to 3D print. You can also personalize it by editing the ‘M’ on its chest. Check the model here.

ROFI Bipedal Robot

Now for real fans and believers in robotics, the ROFI can be your first foray into this world for it is truly a semi-advanced robot which you can build or should I say 3D print in 24 hours. This robot also takes a step into artificial intelligence with the inclusion of two Arduino boards and an ultrasonic range sensor. The Arduino boards serve as the brain and the hardware interface why the ultrasonic sensor provides it with locomotive and direction features. With the ROFI, you will have created your first intelligent robot with 12 degrees of freedom and the ability to move around on its own. Download the model.

8DOF Small Quadruped Robot

Here is another fully functional robot with 8 degrees of freedom which allows it to move around with ease. This quadruped robot integrates the use of 8 servos, a LiPo battery, and an ESP8266 WiFi Module. It can be programmed using an Arduino board which will ensure its intelligent behavior. The Quadruped is a nice toy that can be used to carry small/medium-sized objects for you from place to place. Get the STL files of this model.

Oblivion Defender Drone

The oblivion defender drone is an aesthetically pleasing robot designed with one thing in mind; to protect your home while you are away. While it doesn’t actually have the ability to tackle intruders or even move, it is a cool toy inspired by star wars that you can keep on your desk or gift out to friends. The entire defender drone can easily be printed in 24 hours, so this is us wishing you happy printing. Download the model.

Mad Cat Mk II BattleMech

The Mad Cat is truly a delight to look at and on close examination, it looks like a futuristic robotic weapon the world should expect to see in the future. Therefore for weapon aficionado’s, the entire design consists of a pair of Gauss Rifles, two LRM-10s, and a medium laser gun. It is an item you can consider giving to friends who love guns or gifted as an action figure to your kids. Get this model here.

The MailBot

The robot MailBot is a cute not holder that helps you store mails and other sticky notes for further reading. The mailbox is also quite aesthetically pleasing to look at which means that it can also be considered as a gift item to others. Get the model.

The Mecha Blob

As the name suggests, the Mech blob is an artistic robot shaped t look just like a blob and although it may look hideous, it does have some artistic elements to it which could be appealing or shocking to first time viewers. More importantly, the toy can be 3d printed in exactly 24 hours. Download the STL files.

Here we come to the end of robots you can make within 24 hours. Some may take a lot of work to correctly execute due to the task of integrating systems for artificial intelligence, but the majority can be done in 24hours. So this is us wishing you happy 3D printing once again.

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