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19 3D Printed Toys You Can Print for Your Kids Today

by Tutorial45

One of the joys of being able to 3D printed just about anything is actually creating unique items for your family and friends. And if you periodically develop toys for your kids, the chances that you may have run out of new ideas to keep them constantly happy with your efforts will be high. But do not panic for we are here to help. Here, we will be outlining 19 interesting ideas for toys that you can 3D print in 24 hours for your kids.

3D printed toys

Spinning Tops


This classic take on the spinning top provides your kids with plastic spinning tops made with an orbital base thereby creating the illusion of a spinning orbit when spun. It is quite a simple toy and the 3D printing process involved with it takes less than 6 hours to complete the entire project. Download the model.

3D Cube Puzzle Toys


If looking for a toy that stimulates your kid intellectually, getting them a puzzle is always sure to grab their attention. So why not 3D print this unique puzzle for your kids to test their mettle on? Conversely, you can also develop your own unique puzzle patterns and 3D print it for their personal use. Download the model.

ANIMALS Puzzle Cube


Here is another great and fun way for your kids to learn about the animal kingdom. This puzzle is unique due to its cubic form and the creations—consisting of animals—you would be required to recreate to get the puzzle completed. Download the model.

Die of Holding


The die of holding is always a unique toy to print for your kids whenever they get to that age were delving into the future is cool. Instead of your kids creating a die of holding using paper, this plastic toy will suffice and provide something durable for future use. Download the model.

A Marble Machine


Kids with an engineering based mindset will definitely cherish the marble machine as an object of fun. This 3D printed marble machine is made entirely from plastic and functions optimally thereby giving your kid enough resources to play with. Download the model.

Screwless Cube Gears


Let your kid’s imagination run wild as you present the screwless cube gear as a gift to him or her. Simply sit back and watch the different uses they will end up putting this unique toy through. Download the model.

Screw Play


What is the best way to teach a kid about the joys of woodworking? Through the use of screws, nuts, bolts and their different placement on a surface. The screw play is a plastic surface that provides your kid with first-hand experiences about wood working. Download the model.

ChessBot Monster


What could be more scintillating than a transforming chess set as a tool to teach your kids about the great game of chess? The answer obviously is nothing. This 3D printed chess set serves as a traditional chess piece which can be transformed into action figures. Download the model.

EGG Heads Puzzle


The egg head puzzle is a unique puzzle consisting of multiple parts which when put together form an iconic egg head. It is a unique puzzle piece which your kid will definitely be captivated with. Download the model.

Ball-Joint Articulated Octopus


The ball joint octopus consists of a skull and added octopus appendages which give it a scary overall look which might put some kids off. But if your kid loves the bizarre, then this toy will definitely end up becoming one of their favourites. Download the model.

Miniature Furniture Drawers Toy


If looking for a miniature drawer that comes with very extensive features then this design should be something you have to consider. The miniature drawers come equipped with different features which all work like the life-sized version. Download the model.

Screwless Heart Gears


These are simply gears made into the shape of a human heart but made out of plastic. The Screwless heart is a simple piece that can be used to complement the other pieces of toy your kid plays with. Download the model.

My Fun Toolbox


Getting your kid his or her own toolbox is usually the first step in getting them to participate in the construction or design hobbies that interest you. This fun tool box is made to accommodate toys as well as equipment for children looking to work in your shed. Download the model.



The skeleton snaps together is as its name suggests is a toy skeleton made out of plastic. What makes this toy unique is that kids can dismantle all the bones and snap them back together making it a great way to learn about the human anatomy. Download the model.

Turtle Shell Racer

19 3D Printed Toys You Can Print for Your Kids Today

For old school gamers who still remember the iconic Mario kart, these toy turtle cars are quite similar to some of the karts Mario, Luigi and co used. It is simply a turtle-backed car with wheels for your kids to play with. Download the model.

Math Spinner


The math spinner should be viewed as a modern day Abacus which can be used to teach kids about the use of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It is a great way to get math lessons across while still having fun. Download the model.

The Fidget Star


This unique toy consists of boxes held together by hinges. The fun part about their use is that kids can move these hinges about in separate ways which re-arranges the box into different shapes and sizes. Download the model.



Having your own personal items as a kid was always the highlight of your play dates and this personal dumpster takes this a notch. The personal dumpster is a medium sized dumpster built to provide your kid with the required space for trashing items during different tasks. Download the model.

The Pig


Pigs are cute and this specific toy takes cuteness to a whole new level. So why not add another member of the animal kingdom to your kid’s collection by simply 3D printing the pig. Download the model.

Here we come to the end of some of the interesting toys you should consider 3D printing for your children. The toys on this list cover the mundane, the cerebral and the unique. So this is us wishing you happy printing.

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